Campaign 4:
Celebrating Haitian culture as one of the richest culture in the Western Hemisphere

Action: Consider supporting Haitian artists by learning more about their work, make plans to follow, support or attend a performance by the Maroons

The Maroons perform in a vast array of venues, shows, events and celebrations and have as their resume a list of over 100 performances on various stages throughout Florida and New York. For a taste of The Maroons, turn on your speakers and log on to

Caribbean News, Sept. 2005

The Maroons
Miami Lakes, Florida has been under siege since The Maroons, a group of Haitian and Haitian-American poets, have sought to kidnap the minds, bodies and souls of their audiences at their weekly venue, The Party Room. The Maroons, along with Some of South Florida's most prolific and thought-provoking poets, such as Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns, EmoneLove,
Tyana and Haiti Blues have brought live spoken word poetry to a different battle front, and they have succeeded in getting their demands met. Their artistic, soulful, energetic performances demand attention and they received it willingly from their new captives...

The Original Maroon Statue in Haiti, sculpted by Albert Mangones in

It seems as if The Maroons have become the host and catalyst of an urban, eclectic, professional DefPoetryJam which has emerged out of the Haitian Community. They (The Maroons) have bridged gaps of age, social class, gender and politics while grounded in their mission to eduatin and free minds as well as provide community service oriented workshops and performances to the youth of their community in an effort to combat the crippling idealogy of no child left behind when it seems as if urban students of Miami-Dade/Broward are. The list of Maroon performances is to extensive to publish, but suffice to say, with a resume that boats of NAACP banquets, Broward Center For Performing Arts, Art Fusion Gallery, Espace Brandt, Broward Public Main Library, The LandMark Cafe and several middle schools, high schools and universities...these young and talented poets are doing what their community leaders should have done a long time ago. Give back.

Food drives, toy drives, and school supplies to Haiti are just the tip of the iceberg for The Maroons as they continue to cripple the microphone with an onslaught and barrage of lyrical virtuosity. When one listens to their performance of "The Truth" ( listen here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/underscore ) one cannot but rewind the track and listen in amazement or ask questions with regards to their admonishment of Levis Jeans, Disney and Immigration ( "Levis jeans and Disney! You better stop the misery in Ayiti, because I'm baptizing truth like John The Baptist...I Think American politicans should apply for a green card, JUST to have permission to walk through my backyard, 62nd St. and Haiti!" )

Haitians, as well as the Caribbean and American community in Miami Lakes and the surrounding areas have been amazed and enthralled by the multi-lingual group, The Maroons.

Members of The Maroons (from right to left) include Berwick "Underscore Augustin, Prosper "Makendal" Sylvain, Jr., Jesler "Deep In Thought" Mezidor and Roland "Eros" Cherasard.

The group's impeccable usage of the English, Kreyol and French vernacular as well as their stage performance, presence and different themes of love, culture, history, political awareness, nationalism, spirituality and translation of current events has catapulted them into demand by various groups, organizations and event planners. They tackle issues of spousal abuse, self-deprecation, addiction, sex, violence, and other related issues. Their prolific means of bringing the best out of themselves and their audience has transformed traditional poetry of Haiti into a rooted and driving force that now encompasses and educates all, no matter what language you speak or understand.

They have also started a school supply donation drive in South Florida to help needy children in their homeland of Haiti. The Maroons are now receiving boxes and bags of supplies not only from Florida residents, but also New York, Canada, Boston and California. To donate school supplies to The Maroons for children in Haiti, contact Makendal30@yahoo.com.

As stated before, this socially conscious group of lyricists have taken on the charge of providing school supplies to La Flor Academy in Arcayais, Haiti, La Creche Preparatory in Belaire, Haiti and The Emily Pierre Louis Foundation in Port-Au Prince. In other words, they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Aside from being poets, The Maroons are actually post-graduate professionals in the field of engineering, education, law and insurance claims/medical malpractice litigation. Professionals by day, poets and writers by night. Berwick Augustin, of The Maroons is a playwright as well as a poet (see http://www.islandfaith.com/Resume%20page.htm ) whose play, "Libere Liberus" is fast becoming an "in demand" show due to its content and and characterization of Haitian and Haitian-American life and history. Prosper "Makendal" Sylvain's poem, "I Don't Look Haitian?", has been receiving rave reviews from all over the world. It is a poignant and significant creation of what Haitians of many complexions and class/academic/social backgrounds face when asked "you're Haitian? you don't look Haitian!". Makendal, as he is popularly known, refutes teh idea that Haitians look a particualr way, whether light skinned or dark, mixed or or not, short or long hair. His poem is meant to educate the world, as well as fellow Haitians who have also fallen into this stereotype, that Haiti is an amalgamation and melting pot of Haitian people with one thing in common...the bue and red flag of love for Haiti. To read the poem "I Don't Look Haitian?", and the comments by readers, log on to

The Maroons perform in a vast array of venues, shows, events and celebrations and have as their resume a list of over 100 performances on various stages throughout Florida and New York. For a taste of The Maroons, turn on your speakers and log on to
http://www.poetrytelevision.com/videoplayer/maroons.html .

To find out more about this Friday's Maroon event, click on the link


Log on to the above link for your invitation to an evening of spoken word poetry in English, French and Kreyol with The Maroons and some of South Florida's most erudite and prolific talent.

"Une soirée sans precedant concue pour votre pleine delectation. Venez grossir avec nous le nombre de ceux qui disent non a la monotonie et a la mediocrite."

The Maroons, along with the guitar rhythms of Ernest Registre, the conch shell poetry of Limoné, the powerful verbal imagery of Nadege Toussaint, and the vibrant electrifying poetry of Brunine Davide (daughter of famed Ti-Goave poet Maurice David) are planning an evening of spoken word and lyrical theater followed by a party complete with the best of Kompa, Zouk, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Batchata and more. DJ-AL-X and DJ

The evening starts prompltly at 10:00pm and this week it will have in its audience

1. The Sun Sentinel
2. The cast of the soon to be released movie, "Oasis", including Sandra
St Juste, Richard Sénécal, Francette Agnant.
3. Yanick Martin, Carine Jones and special invited guests and
delegations fron national organizations and CBO's.
4. Nancy Francois of the soon to released international youth magazine,
HAY (Haitian American Youth). For more information, log on to
http://www.h-a-y-magazine.net/ .
5. Viter Juste (long time Little Haiti social activist and Maroon

The Party Room Banquet Hall
6858 NW 169th Street
Miami Lakes, Florida
Admission: $10.00

826 Expressway to 67th Ave. Head North from Expressway to first traffic light, make a left, and then another left into the large plaza. The banquet hall is located in teh right-hand corner of the plaza.

For more information makendal30@yahoo.com, jesler3@hotmail.com .

Dress Code: Casual. No Jeans, No Sneekers, No Hats.


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