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"Live from Site Solèy" by Jean - May 9, 2005

Jean's Report (#1)
Interview/Lakou New York
May 9, 2005

The original report, in Kreyol, may be listened to by our KREYOL SPEAKERS here.


HLLN intro to "Live From Site Solèy" by Frantz Jerome

Any Broadcasting student knows the importance of Edward R. Murrow to the development of TV news. His ascension to the top of news broadcasting coincided, incidentally, with his climbing rooftops in 1939, to describe the bombing of England. His determination to bring “the clearest possible image” to his audience forced him to ignore his personal safety in order to “export”
the war to his listeners. The only tool he had: the crackling sound of a microphone, distorted by shortwave signals.

Today, Edward R. Murrow’s name is found next to words or phrases like: legend, courage, integrity, social responsibility, journalistic excellence, emblematic of the highest ideals of both broadcast news and the television…”, and the praises go on.

On May 9, 2005, Lakou New York broadcasted a live report from Bel Air, Port-au-Prince. While listening to the explosions and sustained gunfire in the background, I could not help but to think of Edward R. Murrow. Jean, our reporter, has never heard of Murrow. But, He also had a crackling microphone distorted by the poor quality of long-distance communication in Haiti. I then realized that this young man deserved most of the praises listed above. During the broadcast, one could only notice some level of hesitation and distraction on three occasions.

His narrative style made the actors, the incidents, the meaning of the symbolic acts take a new dimension. He created vivid images to illustrate a reality others choose to ignore. “Site Solèy (Sun City) is no longer the city of sun…”, he says, “…it has become carnage city!” He risked his life to humanize victims discounted by the international community. In solidarity with the people of Site Solèy, he risked taking a bullet, in an attempt to hold the world accountable for the innocent blood, giving new meaning to the word solidarity!In 1939, Edward R. Murrow’s broadcasts mobilized America toward a war against Nazi Germany. Jean’s testimony will hopefully mobilize us towards peace for the people of Site Solèy who have known no peace since February 2004.

Frantz Jerome
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
May 14, 2005

Live from Site Solèy – 5-9-05

(English translation of Jean's report on Lakou New York)

LNY: We have on the line Jean, a compatriot currently in Site Solèy, who is
informing us that there has been sustained gunfire and many problems in Site
Solèy today. Compatriot you are talking to Lakou New York show on Radio
Lakay, in New York. Could you tell us, tell the audience how things have been
in Site Solèy today?

Jean: Greetings to all compatriots currently listening to us on Radio Lakay,
in Miami. We have a terrible situation in Haiti, especially in Site Solèy
where there is a general state of confusion, where MINUSTHA’s troops shot
many civilians in the population of Site Solèy.

To be more precise, this morning there is a 23 years old young man, named
Pierre Nadère, who was shot in the head by MINUSTHA’s troops stationed at
Site Solèy.

Starting at approximately 11 going on 12 Oclock, there was sustained gunfire
on the National One Route in Site Solèy, subsequent to groups of Site
Boston’s inhabitants, armed with sticks, rocks and other makeshift weapons,
success in destroying the area’s Police Barrack, where MINUSTHA soldiers were
stationed. The soldiers, faced with an overwhelming number of rocks and
bottles used as projectiles, ran for cover. All three Jordanian armored
vehicles vehicles retreated and left the Police Barrack of Site Solèy. The
population then proceeded to set two cars left in the yard on fire.
MINUSTHA’s soldiers returned, shooting many rounds on their way back. Many of
the bullets were reaching areas around us. Raymond Jean, a bystander merchant
of over proof rum, hit in the head, died on the spot. He was 56 years old and
is survived by 3 children. Ramond Jean lived in (Tele?).

This situation is terrible in Haiti, especially in Site Solèy, where every
god given day many people are dying. We can use as an example, the April 9,
2005, incident where MINUSTHA soldiers shot (Fedia) Raphael, a young girl of
15 in the chest. The fact that MINUSTHA soldiers killed (Fedia) Raphael, is
generally accepted. Yet, no explanation has been given in her case. Every
day, people die in Site Solèy and government officials remain silent. Haiti,
as we are speaking, is “climbing a ladder backwards.” Ruthless Bloodthirsty
groups roaming about, prevent any semblance of normal life.

As we are speaking to you, the tension is palpable. Students get shot; people
on public transportation get shot, resulting in the National One Route being
completely deserted. At this very moment it’s MINUSTHA single handedly
controlling Site Solèy.

As we are reporting, many in Site Solèy wonder about the meaning of the
currently projected elections. Many in Site Solèy say that there cannot be
elections in the “heart of Haiti”, when the government says that they
selected the Boulos market, in Site Solèy, as a polling precinct. Many insist
that anyone who goes there may not survive a request for a voting card or an
attempt to vote. You may know that there are many honest citizens in Site
Solèy who claim that subsequent to statements made by the National Police
spokesperson, Mrs. Comeau-Coicou, a veritable bloodbath is occurring in Site

Ever since the 1st April, on any god given day, more than 3 to 6 people lose
their lives in Site Solèy. Ever since Labanyè’s death, the Jordanians,
Peruvians, Chinese are the ones controlling the situation in Site Solèy.

There is important point for the listening audience in Miami to know:
MINUSTHA soldiers are free to shoot to kill at any private vehicles
circulating in Site Solèy. Last Sunday there is a young man who was shot dead
in his private vehicle, as he was circulating in Solèy 4. As we are speaking,
the car is still located in Solèy 4, where the MINUSTHA soldiers had damaged
it with their armored vehicles.

MINUSTHA prevents all traffic within Site Solèy except for two or three
public transportation vehicles (taptap). The situation is terrible. Site
Solèy has queues, the traffic is at a virtual standstill. If one needs to
take care of one business, one may wait in vein for public transportation,
since the number of vehicles has dwindled to a bare minimum. Indeed, at Rue
Volcy, trios BéBés, on the route leading to Site Limyè, MINUSTHA uses big
containers to barricade and isolate. Even water is no longer freely
accessible. In order to fetch water, one must leave Site Solèy and Drouard,
(many of you listeners are familiar with the distances,) and walk to a point
where s/he must pay 15 Gourdes.

15 Gourdes for a bucket of water that one must then carry to Site Solèy.
Camep ceased all services to Site Solèy. It does absolutely nothing for Site
Solèy inhabitants. Garbage is piling up and creating hazardous conditions.

Many are wondering how far the deterioration will be allowed to go, for old
and young are dying. What’s worst is the fact that the innocents really
suffer, as illustrated by the Mach 20th MINUSTHA bullet in the head of an 8
year old child. No one is safe, and no one trusts MINUSTHA. The population of
Drouard for example will run and hide at the sight of MINUSTHA. That is a
terrible testimonial, young and old running at the sight of MINUSTHA. Even
when buying groceries at the market place, once a MINUSTHA vehicle stops,
everyone runs.

A few weeks ago, on April 15, a terrible incident occurred where Jean Premel
Jean died. This 28 years young man is yet to be buried. His parents don’t
have the means to burry him. Who shot him? MINUSTHA!

MINUSTHA soldiers stood at Boulos Market and shot a young lady in the lung,
last Saturday. She left behind a 2-month-old baby. This is terrible! That is
why we must make it plain for the listeners in Miami that within Haiti, Site
Solèy has now been transformed in “the Bloodbath City”.

Not too long ago they use to say that armed gangs would shoot it out.
However, since Labanyè’s death, we can see that there is confusion. There
used to be a situation where no one could circulate. Subsequent to Labanyè’s
death, everyone united. The new collaboration is based on unity, the “united
we are strong” concept.

As you remember, on March 24, there was a march going from Site Solèy,
passing by National One route, to the Airport route, to Batima, going to
Drouard, to go back to Site Solèy. Labanyè (Robinson Thomas) was at the time
wearing a Police uniform. Before he died Andy Apaid, Charles Henry Baker,
Reginald Boulos, Danny Toussaint who financed his project, gave him important
sums of money to kill the people of Site Solèy, they were forced to cry.
Still, ever since that day Site Solèy became “Site Blood bath”…

LNY: Compatriot, we are in New York, the show is Lakou New York. We know that
two weeks ago, Bèlè militants organized a huge march in solidarity with the
people of Site Solèy. Is there anyone else who pledge their support to you?
Jean: Bèlè indeed organized a tremendous solidarity march; we must confirm
that for the Lakou New York, audience. Bèlè organized the solidarity march
once they became aware of the dangers lurking over the people of Site Solèy.

MINUSTHA was, on a daily basis, killing indiscriminatelyand besieging the
population. Bèlè came in solidarity, pledged their support and shared their
rice, bread, water along with all kind of other food items.

Once the people from Bèlè arrived in Site Solèy, the ruthless MINUSTHA
soldiers, along with the man in black of the National Police, shot at the
marchers killing Marcelus Belizaire, a handicapped man (with one leg). He was
56 years old.

While they arrived at Site Solèy, via the National One route, MINUSTHA shot
at them, wounding many. There is the case of Bo, the soccer coach of Site
Solèy’s team, who was killed as a result of MINUSTHA’s actions. They arrested
Bo and handed him over to the National Police. They put Bo in a police car
and started shooting. Instants later Bo was laying dead on the ground. There
is also the case of a young man they shot thinking he was Ti Blanc Baptiste.
After they shot him they realize their mistake and casually walked away,
leaving the corpse on the street.

After this mark of solidarity, Site Solèy’s inhabitants reciprocated. A
massive march went to greet the people of Bèlè. In the process they went from
Site Solèy to Dèlma 2, through Dèlma 30, Kristwa, through Nazon. Upon leaving
Bèlè they marched back to Site Solèy. At the conclusion of that mini-march,
we learned that there might have been summary executions. Three young
militants, active organizers in Site Solèy were kidnapped and have not been
heard of to this day. The only thing certain is the fact that they were
picked-up by the National Police.

There is a man working within Site Solèy. His name is Ernst Merilus and he is
a former mayor of Dèlma. He has been collaborating with MINUSTHA and the
National Police. We must let Radyo Lakay’s listeners, following this live
report from Port-au-Prince, Haiti know that Ernst Merilus had a big house in
Site Solèy, that he rented to MINUSTHA for the establishment of a control
center for the area. The Site Solèy population destroyed the house. Today,
Ernst Merilus can be seen riding in the “white man’s” armored vehicles.

In Haiti (….) says that there is a UN presence. Not true! It is not the UN,
for the UN is using armed civilian such as Ernst Merilus, dressing them up as
National Police of Haiti, put them in Armored vehicles, have them shoot a the
population and help them massacre the people. As illustrated by the case of
Fedia Raphael, the 15 years old girl who caught a MINUSTHA bullet and died.
Where is the justice? Is this Democracy? That is what we ask! Upon kidnapping
President Aristide, are these military units the ones setup by the de facto

One will recall de facto Prime Minister Latortue’s famous statement: “…they
shot at us, and we shot at them…”. Does he have the right? This statement
from this iron-fisted dictator marked the beginning of the carnage. There is
a (….)named Sauveur in Pòtay Senjosèf, who executes anyone he finds carrying
a picture of President Aristide. This situation is terrible. Yes, extremely

(Lakou New York theme song in background)


Jean: The day before yesterday an eight years old child died. Why? No one
knows! That is why we are informing the Listeners in Lakou New York that Site
Solèy is no longer the “city of sun”, but rather the “bloodbath city!”
Because MINUSTHA is on a “all day” “all night” killing rampage. They don’t
even avoid (LNY: Trying to end program saying “Conpatriot, …compatriot…”)
killing journalists, as illustrated by the case of the American journalist…

(Lakou New York theme song in background)

LNY: Conpatriot we must stop because our programming time is up. Nonetheless,
we are grateful and thankful for the report you brought to us. We stand in
solidarity with the people of Site Solèy. We must inform you that though this
is the first time we collaborated with you, it will not be the last time.
Today time is up for our program, but we will continue communicating. Thank
you very much!

(Lakou New York theme song)




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