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Sason, a leader in Gran Ravine
The Disarmament Fiasco
Photo Credits: Ezili Danto Witness Project

Martisan's Sason in an interview where he "apologies" and begs the Haitian people's forgiveness for his past violent activities. This is before Lame TiManchet, an opposing gang brought together in 2005 by the coup d'etat regime, carried out the massacre of more than 40 Gran Ravine people on July 7, 2006. Our sources report conflicting report about Sason's affiliation. Some report that Sason had in the past believed in arms. However, since 2005 he has been strictly non-violent and is very actively promoting this position.

Update: We update this page with our Haiti source's answers to questions HLLN put to him regarding "conflicting report about Sason's affiliation." According to HLLN's current investigative findings, upon interviewing Sason again and a few other young men at Gran Ravine on July 21, 2006, this is the update file by our HLLN source: Martisan's Sason "from Gran Ravin is a courageous young man. Sason is doing an extraordinary job making the young men from Gran Ravin, who are frustrated by the state of things accept the path of non-violence. These young men are very frustrated, since, in the word of 'Kòmandan Wilkens,' they know their strength and are confident that they could eradicate Lame Ti Manchèt if they so desired. What really bothers them is the fact that Lame Timanchèt preys on innocent, helpless victims who can't fight back." In the update, our Haiti source further states that, based on his direct talks with young men from Gran Ravine and Sason that "For the time being, these Gran Ravin young men are giving the government and MINUSTHA a chance to do the right thing. The right thing according to these Gran Ravin men and Sason is for the Haitian police and MINUSTHA to protect Gran Ravin civilians from the deranged Lame Timanchèt army." (This updates HLLN's July 19th postings on this 23rd day of July, 2006)

HLLN Note (July 19, 2006):
When DDR is a tool to rehabilitate the assailants only, without any involvement of their victims in the process, it would seem, looking at this case alone, that Coup D'etat assailants, like Lame Timanchèt, may just look at it as their "mentors" protecting them. Obviously , given the recent July 7, 2006 Gran Ravin massacre, they were kept organized (but by who?) as a striking force? We can notice the same pattern in Gonaives. One-sided DDR; Ti Wil's group kept organized; now called into action and attacking police precincts in Gonaives.

Strange since these guys were talking just recently about political parties. Their conversion (and "get out of jail card") seemed to have been set and yet they go attack the police precinct? Unless DDR is all inclusive, assailant-attache-groups, like Lame Timanchèt may never stop seeing themselves as the "protected by the Internationals" and the inaccessible group, designed to harm the population with absolute impunity. In that vain, DDR, in Haiti, as its been implemented so far has resulted in the exact opposite of the desired effect.

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