Another Black Market Arms Shipment to Coup D'etat men Arrives in Haiti

by Ezili Danto Witness Project
Translated from Kreyol broadcast by Frantz Jerome, July 12, 2006

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Turning Haiti into a Penal colony



Ale tande rapò a an Kreyol: Zam elegal pou mesye koudeta yo ki dekouvri lan ladwan






Another Black Market Arms Shipment arrives for the Coup Detat assassins in Haiti

Translation of excerpts of a July 12, 2006 Radio Levekampe Broadcast from Kreyol original into English by Frantz Jerome, Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 12, 2006

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"...Why are they bringing all these arms into the country? Are they getting ready for a war?....we did speak to a member of APN’s management (Port au Prince customs authorities) who claims that he is not in control even though he is in charge. He claims that every time illegal activities are planned, arms or drugs are about to be offloaded; there is a scheduled blackout for 10 or 11 pm at the port, to permit them to disembark the drugs or arms on APN’s wharf." Excerpt from "Another Black Market Arms Shipment arrives for the Coup Detat assassins in Haiti" HLLN's Translation of excerpts from a July 12, 2006 Radio Levekampe Broadcast (the Masner Beauplan show)

START OF REPORT: "....This weapons dossier brings many problems to the surface.

The police and the judicial system are not yet ready to provide the identity of the owner of this weapons shipment. This container of weapons was discovered at customs. Customs officials at the Port-au-Prince port were obligated to called at once upon the justice of the peace to officially witness the existence of this weapons container.

All calibers of arms were part of this shipment, which also included the appropriate ammunition. Could an airplane… (Editor's note: in reference to a statement made by the president of the national assembly), how could an airplane carry such a big container?

We don’t believe the statement made by the president of the National assembly and must wonder about his sources. In reality, he should have been better informed than us, even though as journalist we are always seeking information. Well, we don’t believe his story as per the way this shipment got there. (Editor's note: The President of the legislative assembly, Joseph Lambert, apparently said on a radio program that the arms had arrived on board an American Airline flight!)

According to our information, the container was discovered at customs in Port-au-Prince and port management called the justice of the peace to legally witness its presence. We will point out that the private sector - the civilian society had been awarded a waiver of three years for all customs duties - took advantage of their waiver to bring EVERYTHING that they wanted to bring in. It is not for the first time. Not too long ago there was a container of arms that arrived via the St. Marc port. This shipment caused a scandal, had made a lot of noise and the appropriate judges are still studying the dossier. Still, Ramicos members had already taken possession of these arms.

The public prosecutor of St. Marc and the investigative judge, Philippe Pierre Gilles, already started questioning many in town. But, it was their way to stage a cover-up, for it was Ramicos members that were implicated in this arms scandal.

Still closer to the present, right before president Preval’s investiture, a container of arms passed though customs (APN) in Port-au-Prince. It is the private sector that is transporting all these arms.

Furthermore, for the past two years, there is a ship that officially brings sugar to a private wharf. The ship belongs to the owner of the wharf and also brings important arms shipments. The wealthy men in the private sector have their own ships and their own private wharfs in Haiti and do as they please. Why are they bringing all these arms into the country?

Are they getting ready for a war? These are the questions that come to mind.

In a parallel story, the American ambassador Mrs. Janet Anderson, explained that all the arms that the de facto government had ordered - Gerard Latortue had indeed said that he would not stand on ceremony and would buy arms from anywhere even from illegal arms dealers if he had to and he had indeed bought in huge numbers - had been confiscated by the American government when they reached the police academy. The ambassador explained that the police had been killing too many people, had been assassinating too many people and did not have any experience. However, now that the police is being turned into a professional force, these arms would be returned to the police.

We must point out that the American government had confiscated these arms and they were being kept at the police academy in Frères.

Really in order to understand what is happening, we must note that the disarmament commission is calling for disarmament while the floodgates are open for the arrival of arms shipments. We hope that the president of the national assembly Joseph Lambert comes up with an explanation on the happenings of arms shipments in Haiti.

Did they arrive by air?

Well, we believe that there is a need for real information about this arms affair.

.....There at Port-au-Prince’s APN (customs agency), and we did speak to a member of APN’s management who claims that he is not in control even though he is in charge. He claims that every time illegal activities are planned, arms or drugs are about to be offloaded; there is a scheduled blackout for 10 or 11 pm at the port, to permit them to disembark the drugs or arms on APN’s wharf. It is clear that the Jacques Edoaurd Alexis government needs to be vigilant, for these people are bringing many weapons to the country.

Indeed, that is the situation. To sum up, custom officials don’t want to release the identity of the owner of the illegal weapons containers just confiscated. We wish that the president of the Legislative Assembly would identify the owner. The Haitian public has a right to know who is bringing these arms to Haiti. Will government officials organize one more cover-up? Well, we wish today that the president of the Legislative Assemby would provide an explanation.

END OF EXCERPT, Ezili Danto Witness Project, reports come direct from Haiti.

(ZAM-Listen to original Kreyol audio)


Murder and burglary in Gonaives: population demands the adoption of measures designed to put an end to the terror

Gonaives, 12 July 2006 (AHP) Over night Wednesday, unidentified
armed individuals shot dead a woman answering to the name Marie Claude

A son of the victim, _Eval Bernard stated that his mother was killed
as a result of the climate of insecurity that reigns in the City of

On the same night, other armed individuals took money and other
valuable objects during a raid of a commercial enterprise in the city.
Residents in the city are calling for the adoption of measures to
end this situation of terror.

The executive-director for the National Commission on Justice and
Peace, Father Jean Hansens, argued that all sectors of national life must
pool their efforts to find a way of reigning in the phenomenon of
insecurity throughout the country.

Father Hansens, who was heading to Jacmel in the south-east of the
country, deplored the fact that certain segments of the population
were taking advantage of the poor conditions of life facing the
impoverished youth living in popular neighborhoods in order to feed the violence.

He took advantage of the occasion to plead in favor of profound
changes within the judicial apparatus and for the adoption of measures
aiming to professionalize the national police.

At the same time, dozens of weapons and munitions were discovered on
Tuesday at the EMT3 customs terminal of Port-au-Prince at Boulevard La

These weapons and munitions were handed over to the national police
following the decision of justice-of-the-peace Rochelle Augustin.
Customs director Erick Charles was careful not to make public the
names of those carrying the weapons or their owners in order not to block the
judicial inquiry.

AHP 12 July 2006 12:10 PM


Haitian Children Put in Chains by the Whites (Listen to Kreyol Audio)

Drèd Wilmè speaks - an interview on April 4, 2005 with Emmanuel "Drèd Wilmè (English and Kreyol)
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