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March 30, 2005

C. Laurent's Response
Letter dated April 14, 2005

Dear Congressman Shays,

Thank you for your letter dated March 30, 2005 regarding Haiti...

In essence your letter ignores all the circumstances that have brought Haiti to the state of chaos that it is in now. The US government seems determined to repeat history by ignoring the past.

Let's just "move on", forget the past. The truth is underrated. Why have an investigation? Take this injustice with a bittersweet chaser and if it doesn't go down well, don't call me in the morning.

The current situation in Haiti was brought about by the intervention, interference and compliance of the US government into the sovereign affairs of the Haitian people's democratically elected government. I suppose as long as Republicans (the chief engineers of so much injustice around the world today) are in power in the US, Haitians are not alone in facing so much injustice. God save us from your "freedom" and "democracy". When people in poor countries hear that mantra, they shudder at the implications. Who's next? The Europeans must be shaking in their ski boots.

Your letter describes the allotment of millions. Yet throwing money at your NGOs, puppet government, CIA stoolies, and other operatives, including the renegade military, criminal elements and the rich "elites" (by the way the richest people in the Caribbean -- wonder why that is... in the "poorest nation in the hemisphere" -- a phrase that is never left out of your correspondence) is always the "solution" for "the Haitian problem."

Where was all this generous beneficence when our first democratically elected government was in office? The Haitian people were left in their perpetual state of misery... their cries for assistance fell on deaf ears. There was an embargo on our fledging democracy.

$15 million for "elections"??? Well, that makes perfect sense... the elections here in the US inspired confidence in so many, it's no wonder that the US government is now exporting it's "expertise".

Congressman Shays, you would prefer that the Haitian people just "move on" and forget about the ""gift"" that the all powerful US government gave them on the 200th anniversary of their freedom from the yoke and tyranny of their French colonial slave masters. The Haitian people should forget that the US, France and Canada met and planned for the demise of our first democratically elected government. The Haitian people should forget the shredding of our constitution.

The fact is.. the Haitian people will not accept de-facto colonial rule from Washington administered by the US's black overseers. The US took away President Aristide, he was our Toussaint L'Ouverture. Toussaint made the mistake of trusting in the US/France and its nationals. Gosh he made it so easy for them... they were his "security" forces (namely: the Steele Foundation). General Dessaline would have never made that fatal error... HE and among other great Haitian leaders won the Haitian people their victory over the slave masters.

The people of Haiti will NEVER forget the injustice, the chaos, the murders, the deprivation, the misery ... the deaths of their mothers, sistersm brothers, friends, colleagues and comrades.. nor will the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Chile, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba, Palestine, Vietnam, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Africa... you get the picture.

CARICOM, the OAS, the African Union and the Congressional Black Caucus have called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the "coup napping" of President Aristide. The world demands justice for Haiti.

Somebody, alert the State Department.

Marie-Chantal Laurent
men anpil chay pa lou.

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