Death Squads in Haiti: Neptune Near Death
by Farhat Quae Maquami
May 13, 2005

"HAITI is a perfect example that how America KIDNAPPED A DEMOCRACY. Yvon Neptune is in hunger strike to death so to prove that his people should be set free frrom the Death Suqads that are imported and sustained by the American government. He is warning from his hospital death bed that he would never go out of the counrty alive. He wants Death or Liberty for himself and his countrymen. He wants the return of the DEMOCRACY which was kidnapped by the U.S."
IMC Radio Network


We just passed the second anniversary of kidnapping of President Jean -Bertrand Aristide and his forcible removal from power. From his forcible exile in South Africa he made a Mother’s Day appeal to all Americans of goodwill celebrating Mother’s Day in America : Please remember the mothers, Haitian mothers, whose sons are killed, beaten, tortured by Death Squads that your government imposed on Haiti more than two years ago.

Today he made another one of his rare appeals to the world community for the release of his constitutionally appointed Prime Minister of Haiti: “To all Progressive forces in the world: Please Save the life of the Democratically Appointed Prime Minister of Haiti,” who is incarcerated by an illegal puppet government imposed by Americans. Without any justification. Yvon Neptune is in his 24th day of hunger strike against the occupation authorities and is now near death after being rushed to hospital.

Human rights, social equality, democracy and Justice for all are empty rhetoric and pure propaganda when nobody cares to defend the life of one man who is condemned to death by the occupation force in Haiti. Yvon Neptune decided that he rather die than to live under occupation. Unlike the American so-called progressive forces who all have become embedded-dissenters and co-opted dissectors of news and presenting lullabies by for the public to give the World an impression of dissent without meaning it. Yvon Neptune is giving his life for Freedom and Democracy. He does not understand that only in America there is no dividing line before truth and untruth; Between an opposition and the government; between Democracy and oppression; between Insurgency and Death Squads; between news and disinformation. Only in America!

I have no different vision of humanity than the fundamental Christianity, Yet, I am appalled by the fact that that American Death Squad activists under the guise of Christian help for political prisoners are instigating the Pope to act in Cuba on their side, since Cuban Mafia is trying to push their anti-Cuban agenda, while the Pope is conspicuously silent about the KIDDNAPPED DEMOCRACY in Haiti.

It would be shameless to kidnap democracy in Haiti then preach the world about its benefit. It would be called hypocrisy when you tell Lebanese that any election under occupation is a farce and have the “American” President of Georgia preach benefits of Freedom under capitalism, then arranging a farce election in Iraq under occupation. That is why nobody abroad trust the American Government. Americans must understand subjugating nations and ruling them by proxies is counterproductive. To make the world love you needs compassion, understanding and deep feelings from heart that the Western logical mind does not comprehend.

The United States can not kidnap a Democratically elected president in Haiti, order Syrian troops out of Lebanon, to give the people Free Election, then install a puppet government in Iraq and unleash the death squads on them in the name of Democracy. That is why nobody believes America weather they are left, right or center they are all Neo-liberals who are dressed as Neo-Con. Democracy is not equivalent to treachery!

To the organizer of May 02, Meeting in Havana , I will meet you there just to tell you to leave Cuba alone! If you have any Christian Charity please go to Haiti and see your Death Squad democracy first hand . They are killing people by the thousands and the duly elected Prime Minister is dying because he is in hunger strike against the occupiers who are killing his countrymen.

Catholics must ask why the new Pope doesn't act on this issue Now before
Primer Neptune dies after 24 days of hunger strike. I am not a defender of the Cuban system but I believe that Pope should set priorities and should not be manipulated or use the power of the Church against the oppressed in Cuba so they would slip into a worst system like the one that Americans have installed in Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Christians should not support Death Squads and counterrevolution, therefore I hope that the so-called human right activist who are going to Havana to protest the existence of political activists, publish this comment and issue an statement today that you condemn the DEATH SQUADS in Haiti and you want the return of Jean Bertrand Aristide, their democratically elected president.

Unfortunately, all Cuban-American want is the cheap Real States of Cuba for prostitution ranches and Gambling Casinos, they might like the same in Haiti. They don’t want free schooling, socialized medicine and freedom from tyranny and America's record in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti is what would be up for Cuba.

Please don't let your feelings be manipulated by Big corporations who are funding you . Prioritize your good feelings and start correcting the worst of evils now! In CUBA nobody is being tortured or murdered so lets concentrate on Haiti. How about a meeting in Port-au- Prince for all the Christians interested in human rights and crimes against humanity.

I wonder why all defender of the vegetative existence of Terry Shivo in Miami, do not defend the human life of Neptune and why do not offer him a room in a Miami hospital?

I guess he is black and nobody cares for that either.

Since nobody is being tortured in Havana and a foreign force has not occupied them, nobody is killing them at the rate of 100 a day like Iraq so please tell the Pope to start his Crusade against inhumanity in Iraq or Haiti or the masses of oppressed humanity in the occupied Palestine.

Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest, is begging the Christian world to help save Neptune’s life today and nobody in the liberal world seems to care. There is no outcry for the atrocities Death Squads who are committing in Haiti.

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