Forgive - Do not Forget Fort-Dimanche: Dungeon of Death

The best way to forgive is to be informed. Have you ever read first hand information about the infamous "Fort-Dimanche" ?

Read about this sad part of Haitian History from Mr. Patrick Lemoine who was incarcerated at Fort-Dimanche, a well known torture camp used under the Duvalier regime

Patrick Lemoineís memoirs capture the triumph of life over death; the power of the human spirit to foster determination, strength, and hope in the absence of justice or a judicial system; and the resolve to emerge from death even when death is the sole meaning given to life.

( This book is available at http://www.haitibooks.com )

Jonathan Demme, Filmmaker and Producer, USA
"Fort-Dimanche, Dungeon of Death is a vivid memory of the most horrendous kind of mental and physical cruelties that we can inflict on our fellow man. Patrick Lemoine's harrowing tale about his years of imprisonment in one of the worst dungeons in the world will stand as a constant reminder that our basic freedoms, when taken for granted, can be trampled by the very ones elected or selected among us to be sentinels of society".

Le Nouvelliste, PAP, Haiti - Jean Desquiron
"This book is an implacable referendum against dictatorship. Its sole ideology is to proclaim freedom of though and expression. This book must be read by anyone who wants to know, especially by the young who should know, because it is difficult for them to imagine the unthinkable".

Haiti-Observateur, New York, USA
"Written in a soft literary style, yet concise, detailed and captivating [Ö], this book remains the most acerbic discourse on the vicious cruelty of a political mass mired in cynicism".

Yves-Robert Douge, M.D., Pour Haiti, Paris, France
It is a disturbing testimonial on the physical and moral degrada tion of human beings orchestrated by the militia of a totalitarian regime. Patrick Lemoineís surgical surgical descrip tion of a long descent into Duvalierís dungeons leaves us com pletely numb. Other books have been written on the subject, but none offers such a detailed account of this historically useful legacy.

Elsie Etheart, Haiti en Marche, Miami, USA
It is necessary to read this book in its entirety, even when you are tempted to hide it, to bury it, as if it would prevent forever such horrible acts from occurring againÖ

( This book is available at http://www.haitibooks.com )

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