Massacre in Haiti's Prisons - Colin Powell's legacy
in Haiti is Simply Medieval

If you thought the Latortue regime and the U.S. sponsored massacres and destruction of Constitutional democracy in Haiti couldn't get worst, you would be wrong. Reports coming out of Haiti reveal the Haitian "police" simply assassinated more than 10 of the helpless and unarmed prisoners they are holding as hostages at the National Penitentiary.

Reports also indicate bodies were taken from the jail and dumped in mass graves at night so that the world would not know how many are being murdered. Meanwhile Colin Powell, that modern-day Black slave trader and overseer, is asking the colonial tentacles in the form of U.N. Brazilian troops, to kill "arm gangs."

"Arm gangs" as we know mean the civilian population that doesn't live in the exclusive areas of La Boule, Kenskoff, et al. Kill the people who are resisting reoccupation and dictatorship. This order is Powell's final legacy to Haiti and the world's peasants and it pretty much sums up the achievements of his long career since his role in the Vietnam My Lai massacres. For, covering-up the organized massacres of peasants and poor women, children and men, was perfected with Colin Powell's role in the February 29, 2004 overthrow of Haiti's fledging democratic government.

How the people of Haiti will ever heal from these atrocities is more than I can imagine. The absolutely grotesque part of this is that the pressure to kill more innocent and defenseless Haitians continue to be given by international "statesmen" the caliber of Colin Powell, Jack Chirac, George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice and their other counterparts in Canada and France. The seemingly "beautiful" people of the world's social, economic and power "elites".......intent on regime change and full spectrum domination through force, subversion of the truth, destabilization of their target countries, lies, targeted assassination and imprisonment of resisters and by turning these evils into good through their stranglehold on CNN and other major networks and corporate media outlets.

Thus, impoverished Haitian youths are all pretty much indiscriminately labeled "arm gangs" by these "beautiful people."

During the nine months since the Coup D'etat, Haiti's young Black youths have been mercilessly hunted down, in their own neighborhoods, in Bel Air, Cite Soleil, Delmas 2, Lasaline, et al.

Wracked by misery and hunger now Haiti's suffering populace must, once more, face the U.S.-armed and foreign-trained demobilized Haitian military. These bloody thugs, convicts, criminals and mercenaries are funded by Haitian proxies for the imperial agenda such as the Haitian sponsors and supporters of the overthrow of Haiti's elected government, Reginald Boulos, Andre Apaid, Jr., Group 184 who were, in turn, funded by the International Republican Institute, USAID, the European Union and U.S. Embassy in Haiti.

"We are under extreme pressure from the international community to use violence," General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro told a congressional commission in Brazil. "I command a peacekeeping force, not an occupation force ... we are not there to carry out violence, this will not happen for as long as I'm in charge of the force."

He cited the United States, France and Canada among countries pressing for the use of force against armed groups." ( http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=worldNews&storyID=6983380&src=rss/worldNews )

The Ottawa Initiative, as far back as January 2003, indicated that the Western powers thought there were too many "Blacks" in Haiti. (http://www.haiti-progres.com/2003/sm030305/eng03-05.html ) The killing spree and plan to erase the country of Haiti and its sovereignty by putting Haiti under their complete tutelage as a "protectorate" is proceeding very nicely, soaked in the blood of Haiti's innocent people, whose only real crime is their desire and efforts to establish a democratic and egalitarian society.

Where is the world's outrage? Are a Black woman's issues still chattel to be slaughtered indiscriminately by proxies for the former slave owning governments?

These dark-age policies, this Bush Regime and its genocidal policies have made Haiti a thousand times worst than it was under the constitutional government. The consequences for Haiti are simply Medieval. There is no pain, no grief, no anguish, no suffering greater than to be Haitian living within this hostile American Mediterranean in 2004. Hold on my people. Kenbe fem. Kenbe red fanm vayan mwen yo. Pa lage. Don't relent.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
December 4, 2004

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