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Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

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Posting #1 - Canada Haiti Action Network-Haifax,
May 18, 2005 events

Endorsers so far include the Halifax Peace Coalition, the Nova Local of
the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the Halifax/Dartmouth District Labour
Council, Students Taking Action in Chiapas Halifax (STAC), the Student
Coalition Against War (SCAW), and the Halifax Central Education



WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 @ 5:30

On May 18th, 2005 a worldwide coalition of grassroots organizations
will hold protests, teach-ins, petition drives, pickets, vigils, film
showings, and other events in solidarity with the people of Haiti, who are once
again struggling against a brutal foreign occupation of the world's first
black republic. The call for this day of solidarity has been taken up by
hundreds of grassroots organizations worldwide, including the Global Afrikan
Congress, who are calling on the global African community to respond to
the plight of Haitians.

In Canada, events are planned in several cities, including Vancouver,
Montreal, Ottawa, and Charlottetown. Here in Halifax, a rally and march
will be held on Wednesday, May 18 th at 5:30 PM beginning at Victoria Park
(the corner of Spring Garden and South Park).

This event is being organized by the Canada Haiti Action
Network-Halifax and the Halifax Peace Coalition. It has also been endorsed by the Halifax local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and the Halifax Central Area
Education Committee.


The Canadian military and government, like the governments of the
United States and France, were deeply complicit in the brutal coup on February
29th of 2004 against democratically elected Haitian President Jean
Bertrand-Aristide. Canadian Joint Task Force 2 Troops were observed by
Associated Press reporters securing the airport from which Aristide was
flown from the country, after he was abducted from his home at gunpoint
by US Marines.

In addition, the Haitian National Police are being provided
support, logistics, and training by the RCMP. Numerous human rights
groups, ranging from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to the
Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti have reported that the HNP is
currently engaged in a calculated campaign of summary executions, massacres, and imprisonment of poor Haitians associated with the Lavalas party of the
deposed government of Aristide. Considering the close involvement of
the Canadian government, Canadian Forces, and the RCMP in Haiti, the time
is long overdue for Canadians to speak out against our government's
verifiably brutal role in Haiti.

In accordance with calls from the Haitian people themselves, we will be

- A restoration of the Haitian Constitution and the
reinstatement of Haiti's democratically-elected government

- An end to illegal arrests and killings by the HNP

- An end to the participation of RCMP and Canadian Forces with
such abuses

- A parliamentary investigation into Canada's role in the
Haitian coup

- The freedom of all political prisoners in Haiti's prisons,
including elected Prime Minister Yvon Neptune.

- The elimination of Haiti's odious debt to Canada, the World
Bank and the "international community." An end to "disaster profiteering" in
Haiti by Canadian corporations.

For More Information:
Stuart Neatby, 446-8875, stu.neatby@gmail.com


Posting #2 - Black Youth United Toronto-Canada
May 18, 2005 events

Join Black Youth United, the Global Afrikan Congress, Young Left and other
community groups as we plan to show express solidarity with the people of Haiti
May 18, 2005


4:00pm - Demonstration Against Canada's role in the occupation--Meeting spot Bloor & College

$5 Dinner Provided by Radical Roots Cafe
5:30pm - Workshops: -Canada's current role in Haiti

-For Haitians Living in Canada: What can we Do?

-Haiti & Reparations: Pan African Perspectives

Contact black_youth_united@hotmail.com
(416) 925-9120 / (905) 717-6172



1. Demand the return of constitutional rule to Haiti by restoring all elected
officials of all parties to their offices throughout the country until the end
of their mandates and another election is held, as mandated by Haiti's Constitution;

2. Condemn the killings, illegal imprisonment and confiscation of the property
of supporters of Haiti's constitutional government and insist that Haiti's
illegitimate "interim government" immediately cease its persecution and put a stop to persecution by the thugs and murderers from sectors in their police force, from the paramilitaries, gangs and former soldiers;

3. Insist on the immediate release of all political prisoners in Haitian jails,
including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Interior Minister Privert and other
constitutional government officials and folksinger-activist So Ann;

4. Insist on the disarmament of the thugs, death squad leaders and convicted human rights violators and their prosecution for all crimes committed during the attack on Haiti's elected government and support the rebuilding ofHaiti's police force, ensuring that it excludes anyone who helped to overthrow the democratically elected government or who participated in other human rights violations;

5. Stop the indefinite detention and automatic repatriation of Haitian refugees
and immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all Haitian refugees
presently in the United States until democracy is restored to Haiti; an
6. Support the calls by the OAS, CARICOM and the African Union for an
investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide's removal. Support
the enactment of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's T.R.U.T.H Act, which calls for U.S. Congressional investigation of the forcible removal of the democratically
elected President and government of Haiti.

Suggestions are welcome on forms of protest in your local areas (UN, Embassies etc) and other social programs in an effort to heighten our concerns about the worsening situation in Haiti .

The University of Guyana African Culture & Development Association (UGACDA) in association with the Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) Guyana is proposing that Africans all over the world sponsor an 'International Day of Solidarity with Haiti' . The date chosen is May 18 th 2005, Haiti Flag Day.

- Build a campaign to challenge Canda's role in Haiti

- Test our effectiveness as a Global African Community to respond to issues
affecting us.

- Raise the pressure on the US, France and others who are responsible for the
situation in Haiti .

- Build the resolve of Haitians by letting them know they are not alone.


Posting #3 -

UG group solid with Haiti
Thursday, May 19th 2005



Stabroek news

Photo: University of Guyana African Cultural Development Association Chairperson Safiya Varswyck (second from right) and Secretary of UGACDA Shabikie Fernandes (right) along with students of COLACO (Centre of Learning and Afro-Centric Organisation) picketing out

The University of Guyana African Cultural & Development Association (UGACDA) yesterday took part in the International Day of solidarity with Haiti.
By way of a press release UGACDA said that in association with the Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) Guyana, it had sponsored an International Day of solidarity with Haiti on May 18.

The group, mobilised support from UGACDA, Red Thread, women from Sophia, Buxton, and various villages along the East Coast of Demerara to stage a picketing exercise in front of the United Nations Building on Brickdam yesterday. One of UGACDA's organisers Maxie Fox told Stabroek News, "we see ourselves as a part of the struggle the Haitian people are enduring."

The day according to a UGACDA press release was endorsed by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and co-sponsored by a network of university students, human rights activists, Haiti solidarity organizations, progressive radio and press outlets, reparation organisations and the global African community from the Caribbean, U.S., Canada, France, Latin America and Africa.

The picket was organised to support the "Haitian Lawyers' leadership Haiti Resolution that demands a return of constitutional rule to Haiti by restoring all elected officials of all parties to their offices throughout the country until the end of their mandates and until another election is held.

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!







Yvon Neptune's
Letter From Jail
April 20, 2005

(Kreyol & English)
Click photo for larger image
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme

Crucifiction of
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme,
a historical

Urgent Action:
Demand a Stop
to the Killings
in Cite Soleil

Sample letters &
Contact info

Denounce Canada's role in Haiti: Canadian officials Contact Infomation

Urge the Caribbean Community to stand firm in not recognizing the illegal Latortue regime:

Selected CARICOM Contacts
zilibutton Slide Show at the July 27, 2004 Haiti Forum Press Conference during the DNC in Boston honoring those who stand firm for Haiti and democracy; those who tell the truth about Haiti; Presenting the Haiti Resolution, and; remembering Haiti's revolutionary legacy in 2004 and all those who have lost life or liberty fighting against the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat and its consequences
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