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BREAKING SEA CHAINS - (Part 2, to come)


(Special Authors Note: The epic struggle of the Haitian people to live free, resist tyranny and containment-in-poverty continues. Today, Haiti illustrates how international entities, the UN and such so-called global "humanitarian entities" were NOT created for assembling Blacks into modern development, but only to help better carve-up Black and African peoples and their resources, without shedding white blood as in the two European World Wars, and for the benefit and pleasure of these Northern Men and their military allies. February 29, 2004 was a Leap Day, and some say, a leap in the Empire's re-enslavement agenda for Haiti’s Black people.....Return to dictatorship and occupation? Not a leap, no. But a timeless leap unfolded worldwide in sacred 2004 to those with sight. The day out of time and its consequences, its sounds, yet to be fully written down. Behind the events of this leap year, there is a message of divine empowerment for Haiti's warriors and freedom fighters. Breaking Sea Chains, part 2 has yet to be written by those drowned blood-prints rising. But Atlantis is rising. Leap, go on, leap. Take those leaps - the 1804 Haitian rallying point leap. LEAP!.....If you can see, then the message is delivered. Libète ou lamò - liberty or death - is a Haitian mission. The Euros' charity-justice is not what Dessalines' Descendants call sovereignty or justice. Our compass is not, has never been set to: "get rich or die trying." That 500-year-old-plus wave died, in Haiti, in our time and space, on a leap year, long ago. Its thrashings for new breath are meaningless to Dessalines' Descendants. Dessalines is rising worldwide.) Ezili Dantò of HLLN, December, 2004

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