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Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership is a Haitian-led capacity building organization that brings together a network of lawyers, artists, students, Haitian activists, cultural experts, workers and human rights organizations, advocates, government officials and progressive radio, press and media outlets to support and work cooperatively with Haitian freedom fighters and grassroots organizations promoting the civil, human and cultural rights of Haitians living at home and abroad.

Since its founding by pro-democracy and human rights activist attorney and performance poet, Ezili Dantò in 1994, the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network has:

1. Supported those who are working to institutionalize democracy and the rule of law in Haiti;

2. Written a judicial reform agenda for Haiti;

3. Assisted in countering the corporate media's mass disinformation, fabrications, colonial narrative and smear campaign against the Haitian people, their 506-year struggle against Euro/US enslavement, dependency and containment-in-poverty;

4. Promoted solidarity amongst the world's victim of Empire as well as called for a true pan-Americanism hemispheric agenda that is inclusive of the masses;

5 . Were the first to assist in drafting and promoting a procedure for Haitians living abroad, who were born in Haiti and have not renounced their Haitian citizenship, to be able to cast their votes for local and national elections in Haiti. (A concern that still remains an HLLN priority);

6 . Assisted in drafting and in promoting a dual citizenship law in Haiti. (A concern that has now been superceded by other HLLN priorities);

7 . Promoted Haiti as the first to struggle for, not only Pan-African solidarity, but also Pan-Americanism in that Haiti was the first to put "Liberty-and-equality-into-application" when the U.S. Constitution was still declaring Black people as 3/5ths human; and as Haiti was the first, in this Western Hemisphere to help liberate five Latin American countries from the shackles of slavery and Empire; and

In, general, the Haitian Lawyers Leadership is an organization dedicated to establishing the Haitian people's:

- right to life

-to dignity

- to a non-Pepe education

- to eat

- to clean water

- to live free from state-sponsored terror

- to health care

- to passable roads

- to social inclusion

- to develop their own domestic economy

- to choose their own leaders

- right to travel

-to equal protection and civil rights abroad, and not to be automatically repatriated or subject to indefinite detention;

- the right to establish a Haitian system of justice and rule of law in Haiti without organizations, like IRI, NED, USAID, U.S Embassy, European Union or others, imposing phony civil society fronts, arming Haitian mercenaries, or financing opposition Haitian press, media and radio outlets expressly to undermine Haiti's democratic efforts and empowerment of the mass electorate.

- the right and respect for the one-person-one vote principle without such foreign and dollar diplomacy intervention

-the right to use Haiti's resources to help the passport-less Haitian peasant and urban dweller

-right to protect Haitian agriculture from fraudulent free trade globalization policies

The Haitian Lawyer's Leadership also stands for:

Respect for the Haitian people's uniquely Haitian and Afrocentric culture;

Respect for Vodun and the freedom of religion,

and most of all,

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership is dedicated to mobilizing the entire Haitian population, of all hues, creeds, classes and political affiliations, to LOOK OUTWARDS TOGETHER in order to break the Euro/U.S cycle of debt, dependency and foreign domination, (started with the 1825 Haitian reparations paid to France and, before that, with ecclesiastical colonialism,) that traditionally foments chaos, empass, incites violence and strums Haitian division, polarization, fratricide, and, that is primarily responsible for the containment-in-poverty the entire Haitian populist has had to endure and the, now, 33+ violent Coup D'etat/regime changes the Haitian people have had to survive, endure and overcome.

In 1926 during the first US occupation of Haiti, Normil Sylvain observed:

“I know they throw the history of Haiti in our face – its long tissue of
revolutions and massacres. Yet the American war with the Cacos killed more
people than 10 or 20 revolutions put together; it devastated whole regions
and ruined the cattle of Haiti, as veterinary experts can testify if they are
honest. Revolutions were fomented by foreigners – English, French, American,
Dutch traders – who risked nothing, and always profited. Loans which dealt
rather in human lives than in merchandise were made at rates of 1,000 per
cent and those who thus enriched themselves overthrew any government that was not subservient to them.”

–excerpt from a letter written by Dr. Normil Sylvain, a Haitian, in 1926 to
Emily Balch who led a delegation of the Women’s International League for
Peace and Freedom to Haiti to observe the effects of the US occupation.

Not much has changed in terms of the Euros and Americans inciting violence in order to profit in Haiti and rectify the humiliation Haitian handed the French in 1804. The situation in Haiti, since the US-imposed Latorture regime, followed by the occupation of Haiti by the UN in 2004, in terms of Haiti security, human rights, economy, the judiciary have become 10 to 20 times worst than it was when Haiti was un-occupied by foreigners.

July 28, 2010 shall mark the 95nd anniversary of the first US invasion of Haiti by US Marines in 1915. The Marines occupied Haiti for 19-years, until 1934. One of the first things the Marines did was steal all the gold out of the Haitian treasury, packed it on a boat and sent it to New York for deposit in the City Bank. In 2004, the first thing the US Marines did as they took over Haiti, to later hand it over to UN troops, was to close Haiti's medical school, turn it into military barracks and a prison for Haiti's Black youths.

HLLN's basic mission and vision is encapsulated as follows:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"It is terribly cruel, grossly repugnant, inhuman and uncivilized for any human being, due to their nationality, Black race or revolutionary legacy to be forcibly incarcerated at home, by international laws and their applications solely to Haitians. Haitians are abused, coerced and forced to live without the freedom of association with other human beings worldwide and prevented from asserting the human soul's basic thirst to travel, expand or merely to witness Nature's global vastness, majesty and boundless beauty.

No human being is an alien. No law is justified that works to contain a nation of millions of Blacks on an Island for more than two hundred years because said people broke their US/Euro enslavement and are a bad example to other freedom lovers worldwide. Haitians have suffered enough isolation. There should be one Hemispheric Americas passport in addition to the nation-state passports. This would be true globalization.

Besides control of their own lands, seas and territory, food sovereignty, the right to travel freely, the freedom of association with other Haitians and other human beings worldwide - fair and equal access to world markets, loans, financial credits, the world's cultures, religions; fair and equal access to observe and absorb Nature's majesty, grace, beauty and divinity; the right to live in dignity without local governmental repression or international/foreign interference; access to clean water, clean air, affordable housing, living wages, freedom of religion as well as, opportunities for fair and equal employment and basic health care - these, are basic human rights for Haitians, not charity. In Haiti, a Haitianist-designed education, legal and economic system to promote and protect Haitian society, sovereignty, spirituality, Vodun psychology, art, music and culture are a Haitians' birthright. The Haitian peoples' basic human, political, economic, property, travel, cultural and civil rights ought not be systematically eviscerated in the name of "free trade, justice, democracy or good governance" by the so-called "international community," or, systematically undermined by any foreign-designed and implemented "reform" or World Bank/IMF/IFC projects. Ezili Dantò, Founder and President, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, March 1995


After the February 29, 2004 U.S. orchestrated Coup D'etat in Haiti, the Leadership Network established the 7 Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou campaigns, the To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti teach-ins and e-forum, the Ezili Dantò Witness Project, the Press Work- Media Letter Writing Campaigns, and the FreeHaitiMovement - Dessalines is Rising Worldwide to help restore Haiti's sovereignty, human rights, constitutional rule, justice and independence and to help inform the world of the true story behind the headlines - how the Haitian people's struggle, from 1994 to 2004, for a more just and participatory democracy was transformed, by U.S. policymakers and the "international community" - in the name of democracy, justice, good governance - into the total lost of Haiti's basic human rights and national independence.

The Internationals, these poverty pimps, who, as
Haitian Dr. Normil Sylvain said of their counterparts in 1926, risk nothing and always profited, have landed in Haiti in this 21st century via-the 2004 Bush Regime Change and second US/Euro occupation.


- "From the viewpoint of the discoverers, terror is only terror when it terrorises them, their descendants or their friends..."
Jacques Depelchin
(Africa: In Solidarity with Site Soley by )

- "It is organized violence on top which creates individual violence at the bottom. It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice which drives the political offender to his act." --Emma Goldman


- "If you have come here to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together." -- Lila Watson


Under cover of humanitarian aid and helping a failed state, like in the days of the old Christian missionaries, these poverty pimps are now saviors. Never mind that these same International saviors forced Haiti's 2004 chaos and destabilization through withholding life-saving loans and credits, the deployment of a barrage of negative media assaults and by militarily overthrowing Haiti's fledging democracy. A new slavery model to fulfil Leclerc's genocidal imperative is under way. Never mind that Haiti's miserable socioeconomic condition and "history of violence and instability" is formented by Western imperialism and need to dominate and profit from Haiti. The avowed international philanthropists for Haitian welfare are freely privatization, robbing, looting, pillaging and fleecing Haiti out of its natural resources: maintaining free trade not fair trade, slave-wage cheap labor for US and Brazil's use (and, to a lesser extent the Latin American powers of Argentina and Chile), taking over Haitian territory, including the Windward passage through Haiti's Mole St. Nicholas, controlling Ile de La Tortue and proposed new transshipment oil trade at Fort Liberte while looting Haiti's oil -onshore and off-shore - in La Gonave, the Gulf of La Gonave, Iles Cayemites and throughout central Haiti (in the area of Hinche/Cerca-La-Source).

Their artificial legal entities (transnational corporations) are exploiting, without accountability to the disenfranchised Haitian people or concern for the environmental effects - through the barrel of the UN's international guns- Haiti's deep water ports, Haiti's gas reserves near Acquin, Haiti's gold mines, iridium deposits, uranium deposits, underwater treasures in Ile-à-Vâches and other locations, privatizing-to-foreigners Haiti's State owned companies and assets and further displacing the passport-less Haitian peasant and urban dweller with UN occupation, checkpoints, repressions and police raids that ultimately rob Haitians of not only their freedom, dignity and liberty but out of prime and oceanfront properties, et al. The Coup D'etat countries of the US, France and Canada are further containing the Haitian people in indefinite detention, building child prisons instead of schools and crushing a starving, systematically discriminated, abused and deprived nations under endless World Bank/IMF debts and calling this "democracy, justice and development." (
Haiti's Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues; The Haiti Forum 2009, The Two most common neocolonial storylines about Haiti and, Ezili HLLN's proposed solutions to create new paradigms.)

"I don't know why it is...but since the beginning of time Haitians have
been suffering" --- Haitian migrant, 2009
500 lane depi w (blan kolon) vle efase n. Jodi a ou vle m kwè se
sèl ou ki ka sove n
--- Edike from Daniel 'Dadi' Beaubrun's Lataye (buy album)

[English - "For 500 years the whites (settlers/colonists) have tried to erase us. Today they want us to believe they're the only ones who can save us" --- Edike from Daniel 'Dadi' Beaubrun's Lataye (buy album)]

Join HLLN - Endorse the FreeHaitiMovement Demands - Be part of the solution, help create new paradigms for impoverished and militarily defenseless Haiti.

Haiti, because it is Black and was founded on the denial of Euro/US enslavement, Bourgeois Freedom and human beings as mere labor-for-profit tools, has no major allies on this planet. Cuba, Venezuela, Libya, the African Union and the others who are natural sympathizers, are, like most of the 192 nation members of the UN, side-stepping or existing on the sufferance of the five veto-wielding world powers and thus are too busy with survival issues of their own to further incite the wrath and might of the post-World War II powers and their client states. Haiti is a collective human mirror vividly detailing the measure of grace, humanity, compassion, unselfishness and civilization there is in this world without the force of arms or an ally with nuclear, trade and economic power at your back.

Haiti's poverty started with the Independence Debt paid to France and the United States. Haiti has since been exploited by all adventurers, beginning with the most depraved Catholic priest Bartholomew De La Casas who started the Atlantic slave trade in Haiti, continuing with the current organ traffickers, Euro/US pedophiles, sexual tourist, the human trafficking (for adoption and education?) in Haitian children to the North and elsewhere mostly for sexual purposes, as well as, the other standard and historical financial, physical, psychological, economic and cultural violences of colonialism and US/Euro ethnocentricism. (U.S. and U.N. Not Qualified to Teach Haitians About Democracy and US and UN complicity in the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba of the Congo from Africa Today hosted by Walter Turner - Interview with author Ludo De Witte. Ludo De Witte's book explores the background to the 1961 assassination of the Prime Minster of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba. See also, UN Is Not For Africans by Magalie X Djehouty-Thot and The Ezulwini Consensus - The Common African Position on Proposed Reform of the United Nations.)

It is organized violence on top which creates individual violence at the bottom. It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice which drives the political offender to his act. To condemn him means to be blind to the causes which make him. I can no more do it, nor have I the right to, than the physician who were to condemn the patient for his disease. You and I and all of us who remain indifferent to the crimes of poverty, of war, of human degradation, are equally responsible for the act committed by the political offender. --Emma Goldman

An international crime - murder and mayhem - is in progress in post-2004 Haiti - led by the US, Canada and France with Brazil as the "black?" token head militarily controlling Haitian territory - peopled in humanitarian imperialism of more than 10,000 NGOs/charitable organizations supporting the selfish and fearful minority Middle Eastern elites exercising power so as not to become victims of power themselves, forming a shadow government enchaining Haiti's upward progress, human rights, self-determination, food sovereignty, right to fair trade, fair wages and Haiti's use of its own natural resources for its people's welfare and domestic development.

The crime is obscene no matter that some of these Internationals have good intentions. For essentially, the granting and administration of World Bank/International Financial Institution credits, loans, USAID projects and other international foreign aid endeavors are vehicles for exclusion, for financial colonialism, for the reproduction of the status quo's privileges. The Internationals and their foreign aid do not improve the lives of the Haitian majority. Rather, their bourgeoisie freedom work increases inequality, fosters dependency, paternalism, racism, ethnocide(forced assimilation/ethnic cleansing) and mental colonization. As long as the Internationals, with no public responsibility or accountability to Haitians or Haiti’s long term well-being, directly and indirectly, impose famine through fraudulent free trade policies that destroys Haitian food sovereignty, gain power through coup d'etat, preside over an over-militarized Haiti that denies the people's voice, Constitutional governance, self-determination and stability, than their imposed-presence, for native and Diaspora Haitians with no stake in their hegemony, shall continue to be objectionable. They are but the triumph of power over truth, justice, grace and humane co-existence.

The "Men Anpil Chap Pa Lou" Haitian Lawyers Leadership Working Committee members are:

Picard Losier, LLM, Taxation; JD, Licensed NY 1984 & PA, 1981
Maguy Duteau, Esq., NY, 1988
Bob Celestin, Esq, Licensed NY 1985
Lionel Jean Baptise, Esq, Licensed IL, 1991
Ulrick Gaillard, Esq.
Darwin Beauvais, Esq., 1993

Jean (Jafrikayiti) St. Vil, Restitution and Reparations, Campaign 7 Director
Professor Frantz Jerome, Executive Director of the Ezili Danto Witness Project
Chantal Laurent, Graphic Artist, HLLN's Website Designer and webmaster
David Laurent, Documentary Filmmaker, HLLN's Film and Video Producer/Editor for
Ezili Danto Witness Project and

Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent
(colonial name) is founder and President of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership network, dedicated to promoting the civil, human and cultural rights of Haitian at home and abroad. Before her human rights work, Ezili Dantò worked for more than ten years as an entertainment attorney within the music, recording, merchandising and independent film industries and is known as the hip hop lawyer and activist. She is an author, an award winning playwright and a performance poet who performs internationally and has presented at venues such as Carnegie Hall and the United Nations.


Ms. Dantò is an essayist and educator who specializes in teaching an “Art and Business Law” seminar class at colleges and universities. She also conducts workshops and residencies about the light and beauty of Haitian culture; the "Symbolic and archetypal nature of Haitian Vodun;" the illegality and immorality of forcing neoliberalism policies on Haiti and the developing world; the illegality and human rights violations caused by the current US/UN occupation of Haiti; the need for France to repay the extraordinary 1825 ransom it extorted from the Haitian people and the constant Euro-US hostility Haiti faces, endures and struggles to overcome as the first Black Republic in the world, after Ethiopia, in a Eurocentric world which purposely inflames instability, insecurity, impasse and chaos in the Black republics in order to better exploit their labor and natural resources. She is the artistic director of the Ezili Danto Spoken Word Theater Dance company. Her e-mail address is Erzilidanto@yahoo.com


Men Anpil Chaj Pa Lou!!! -

Many Hands Make Light a Heavy Load!!!!





“Be true to the highest within your soul and then allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principle.” Ralph Waldo Trine

Hitler merely applied to Europe colonialist procedures
"It would be useful to study clinically, in detail, the behavior of Hitler, and of Hitlerism and to reveal to the very distinguished, the very humanist, very Christian twentieth century bourgeois that he has a silent Hitler in him, that Hitler inhabits him, that Hitler is his demon, that if he vituperates, it is by lack of logic, and, in sum, what he does not forgive Hitler is not the crime in itself, the crime against man, it is not the humiliation of the man in himself, but the crime against the white man, the humiliation of the white man, of having applied to Europe colonialist procedures which till now were reserved to Arabs in Algeria, coolies in India, and Negroes of Africa" --Aime Cesaire, Discours sur le colonialisme, 1955 (Excerpted from V.Y. Mudimbe's The Idea of Africa, page 212).

Before Hitler, we know the French gassed, in the hull of their ships, the rebelling Africans taken as prisoners during the Haiti revolution. And thirty years before Hitler, there's the first and forgotten German genocide, death camps in Namibia and Shark Island. Three quarters of the Namibia population were massacred (1904-1907) in German concentration camps built in Africa. The White settlers genocidal rampage across the world killed hundreds of millions of Africans, peoples in Tasmania, in the Americas, Australia, indigenous people all over the planet and Africans in the Caribbean were annihilated or pushed to the brink of extinction - Less Haiti or Blacks worldwide forget the nature of Haiti's traditional enemies- StopMINUSTAH; StopAFRICOM (See, BBC documentary-Genocide and the second Reich 2 German abuse of Hereros.)

What Scientific Racism Did to The Blacks World Wide




HLLN's Work
from the HLLN pamplet

"...HLLN dreams of a world based on principles, values, mutual respect, equal application of laws, equitable distribution, cooperation instead of competition and on peaceful co-existence and acts on it. We put forth these ideas, on behalf of voiceless Haitians, through a unique and unprecedented combination of art and activism, networking, sharing info on radio interviews, our Ezili Danto listserves and by circulating our original "Haitian Perspective" writings. (See also Ezili Dantò's blog on open salon.) We make presentations at congressional briefings and at international events, such as An Evening of Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela.

With the Ezili Danto Witness Project, HLLN documents eyewitness testimonies of the common men and women in Haiti suffering, under this US-installed Un occupation, the greatest forms of terror and exclusion since the 19-year US occupation (1915-1934) and the days of slavery; conducts learning forums on Haiti (The "To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti" forums) and, in general, brings the voices against occupation, endless poverty and exclusion in Haiti directly to concerned peoples worldwide - people-to-people and then to governments officials, international policymakers, human rights organizations, journalists, the corporate and alternative media, schools and universities, solidarity networks. We are often quoted in major alternative and even the corporate papers and press influencing the current thinking of readers today." HLLN, November 9, 2005.

See, The Nescafé machine, Common Sense, John Maxwell Sunday, November 06, 2005 , quoting HLLN's chairperson, Ezili Dantò.


"Transformation is only valid if it is carried out with the people, not for them. Liberation is like a childbirth, and a painful one. The person who emerges is a new person: no longer either oppressor or oppressed, but a person in the process of achieving freedom. It is only the oppressed who, by freeing themselves, can free their oppressors."-- Paulo Freire, from Pedagogy of the Oppressed (learn more)



HLLN - Action Requested from Haiti solidarity groups and Haitian activists for justice and democracy (See, FreeHaitiMovement, Yearly Events below):

To help create a new paradigm on this planet for the poor, know the proposed HLLN actions and proposed solutions. Circulate our Ezili Dantò/HLLN mailings and posts to your mailing list and e-mail contacts, join the FreeHaitiMovement. Sponsor an HLLN workshop, donate to support Ezili's HLLN work. Subscribe and unsubscribe by writing to: Erzilidanto@yahoo.com

Read, adopt and circulate the yearly updated Haiti Resolutions*from the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network. See also the Porto Alegre Declarations on Haiti adopted at the World Social Forum in January, 2005 and the 2006 and *2004 Haiti Resolution.

Study the issues, as outlined in The Haiti Forum 2009

Do Press Work: Join our HLLN letter-writing campaigns and media campaigns to help free the political prisoners in Haiti, stop the media vilification of the Haitian people, the persecution of Haiti's most popular political party and to restore Haitian sovereignty and Constitutional rule. Write a letter, call the media, fax, - Join our listserve for sample letters and contact information. Check the various Ezili Dantò Blogs to know which campaigns we are currently asking that letters be sent out for. Some of our letter-writing campaigns include:


Letter to Editors – Please change your stylebook. It’s Vodun or Vodou, not - “Voodoo.”(See below).

Letter to Editors -Regarding the Restavek issue in Haiti and The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won’t Expose (See below).

Letter to Editors – The two most common neocolonial storylines on Haiti

Letter to FrancePay back the Independence Debt

Letter to Lula of Brazil – End the UN Occupation

Letter to the UN Security Council – End the UN Occupation

Letter to Pres. Obama and US Congress–Haiti Policy Statement for Obama Team

Letter to President Obama and the Obama Team – Grant TPS to Haitians

Letter to Pres. Obama and US Congress–More Congressional oversight needed on USAID in Haiti

Letter to UN Special Envoy – Help Release Political Prisoners in Haiti
What UN Special Envoy Bill Clinton May Do to Help Haiti - Outline and Full Text

Featured Letter writing for November, 2009: Help Haiti’s children- Demand that accused US pedophile, Douglas Perlitz, not be set free on bond. writing Please mail and/or fax a letter to the judge. Sample letter and contact into are below. Thank you.


Sample Letter to the Editor of___________,

Regarding the Restavek issue in Haiti and The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won’t Expose

Dear Editor:

We are writing you today because in all other countries, child domestic laborers or servants are not called "slaves" or their indentured situation "slavery" by the media, except in Haiti for obvious historical neocolonial purposes. Haiti was the first to abolish brutal European colonialism, chattel slavery, forced assimilation and the Triangular Trade that fed it and, in combat with the same Euro-US plantation interests Haiti faces today.

It's repugnant when children are forced to work for food and shelter, not provided with schooling and a loving and nurturing childhood is stolen from them. We all must together change this for the world's poor. But our concern is that in all poor countries there is some form of child labor. Until very recently child labor was also prevalent in industrialized countries including the United States.

Today, the media and the hypocritical poverty pimps at the charitable industrial complex regularly refers to child domestics as "slaves" mostly in Haiti. This is far too obvious, arbitrary and capricious. Especially in light of the for-profit US-prison- industrial-complex and the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in the US that still legally allows for slavery. Something you won't find in Haiti whatsoever. Not to mention the reality that wealthy US businessmen are hiring underage laborers all over China, Bangladesh, India, as well as in the agricultural fields in the U.S. South. But this same media and their "philanthropists" are mostly blind, deaf and dumb about this because Haiti is an easy target for intellectual dwarfs.

These dwarfs never consider reporting on the real enslavement in Haiti - that is, the slavery in Haiti the media won’t expose. Eleven to thirteen mercenary families in Haiti own most of the country's wealth while the majority starve and live in utter misery and poverty. There would not be a child labor problem in Haiti without the colonial and financial tyranny of the former enslaving nations, especially the United States. Their neoliberal policies of bringing famine, plunder and chaos to Haiti. The false charity of US-Euro Christian missions, their fake orphanages, fake food aid and the fake Euro-US benevolence administered by USAID serves the billionaires in Haiti, not the poorest of the poor. The slavery to focus on destroy in Haiti is US imperialism and the regime changes and coup d'etats it sponsors with the backing of the so-called "international community." Essentially, the US-Euro governments keep the majority of Haitians in poverty's bondage and thus are sponsoring the poverty that undergirds the child labor issue. (See, Ezili Dantò's review of TRAVESTY in Haiti and excepts from Travesty in Haiti - A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking.)

Euro-US financial colonialism, false charity and fraudulent free trade destabilizes, causes famine, instability and slums in Haiti. This allows the wealthy to exploit the poorest of the poor and forces the poor to send their children to relatives or others supposedly better able to take care of them. Your media ought to report this and stop the capricious colonial narrative that only labels Haitian child domestics as "slaves," but won't report what causes Haiti's impoverishment. Read carefully coverage of this matter at, "The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose."

The long term solution for Haiti's future, for Haiti's small children is equitable distribution of the Haiti's massive natural resources; an end to foreign-sponsored dependence, false benevolence, occupation/dictatorships/regime change and the monopoly of the rich, forced scarcity and assimilation, exclusion of the majority, endless debts, financial colonialism, and the fraudulent free trade of US foreign policy that causes famine, wage slavery and containment in perpetual poverty.

For a further understanding, read the Crisis Caravan by Linda Polmanor. Go to- TRAVESTY in Haiti - A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking and HLLN's proposed long term solutions to create a new paradigm for the poor in Haiti. Thank you.

Your name__________________

Contact Info_____________________


Sample Letter to Editors

Re: Elevate your journalistic standards. Correct your stylebook. It’s Vodun or Vodou, not - “Voodoo.”

Letter to the Editor of___________,

Dear Editor:

I am writing to request that your newspaper not refer to the spiritual path of Haitians by the derogatory Hollywood terminogy of "Voodoo!" Please update your professional standards and styles book as the New York Times and others have done on this and use the accepted and correct spelling of either "Vodun" or "Vodou," and never ever, even unintentionally denigrate Haiti's people or culture again, in writing, by referring to their sacred path as “Voodoo.”

This derogatory face given by Hollywood to the sacred path and way of life of the people of Haiti is racist. It evidences irresponsible and unprofessional journalism and a blatant disregard for the proper terminology used by Haitians to refer to Haiti's indigenous religion. This sensational display of media ignorance ought not to continue into the 21st century by supposedly informed peoples. Your immediate and positive attention to correcting this error is requested.

Reports on Haiti would be infinitely less bias without this distracting error or worse, the purposeful contempt for Haiti's sacred Vodun path, archetypal psychology and majority culture.

Your name__________________

Contact Info_____________________



Join HLLN's Media Campaign to FREE political prisoners in Haiti, end the UN occupation and to stop media bearing false and racists witness to the plight of the people of Haiti

HLLN's Media Campaign

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Volunteers wanting to concentrate as primary coordinators/contributors to one of our seven campaigns.

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Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it:
See, the first US occupation and administration of Haiti and how, then too, President Wilson of the US called the US. marines exploits on behalf of New York bankers and multinationals, an exercize in "civilizing" and "developing" the "corrupt,," "failed" and "inept" blacks of Haiti....
Charlemagne Pèralte Speaks!

- Inquiry into Occupation and Administration of Haiti," The U.S. Senate Investigates the Haitian Occupation interview Haitians about marine conduct in the guerrilla war against Haitian resistance.

- ******************
See Also:

Conclusions and Recommendations by the Commitee of Six Disinterested Americans

The People Were Very Peaceable": The U.S. Senate Investigates the Haitian Occupation

The Truth about Haiti: An NAACP Investigation


“Be true to the highest within your soul and then allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principle.”
Ralph Waldo Trine


The 2009 Haiti Resolution
: Join the FreeHaitiMovement. Help create a new paradigm, protect Haitian sovereignty, self-determination, culture and people.


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FreeHaitiMovement - On October 17, May 18, July 6 and August 14 of each year, Ezili's HLLN sponsors events and E-forums celebrating Haitian culture and art as one of the richest culture in the Western Hemisphere and by promoting Haiti's revolutionary legacy. We ask those organization or individuals who have joined the FreeHaitiMovement to participate: on Oct. 17, May 18, July 6 and August 14. In addition to those dates, Ezili's HLLN pays special attention to November 18 (Vertieres) and January 1st (Independence Day) and ask our FreeHaitiMovement sponsors and endorsers to send letters to France at least on these two days of the year demanding France pay Haiti back the Independence Debt. (See sample letter and France, Vertieres and Ayisyen Ginen).

October 17, 2009: Haiti's Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues

"I don't know why it is...but since the beginning of time Haitians have
been suffering" --- Haitian migrant, 2009
500 lane depi w (blan kolon) vle efase n. Jodi a ou vle m kwè se
sèl ou ki ka sove n
--- Edike from Daniel 'Dadi' Beaubrun's Lataye (buy album)

[English - "For 500 years the whites (settlers/colonists) have tried to erase us. Today they want us to believe they're the only ones who can save us" --- Edike from Daniel 'Dadi' Beaubrun's Lataye (buy album)]

zilibuttonFreeHaitiMovement - ACTION REQUESTED: Sponsors are encouraged to endorse the Haiti Resolution, join HLLN's letter writing campaigns, (such as, our Media campaigns to stop the lies and fabrications and criminalizations of the poor majority in Haiti, "stop UN massacres in Site Soley" and the "free the political prisoners campaigns"). Endorsers are encouraged to sponsor a "To-Tell the truth about Haiti Forum", to sponsor teach-ins, rallies, picket-lines, vigils and lectures, throughout the year, but especially on May 18, Haiti's flag day, on July 6 to demand an end to the UN occupation, repressions and demand justice for the victims of the UN-Canadian-US-French/coup d'etat massacres in Haiti, on August 14 -the anniversary of Bwa Kayiman, the ceremony that begun the great Haitian revolution, and, on October 17th - the anniversary of Dessaline's death, and Haiti's very first coup d'etat. Sponsors and endorsers of the Haiti Resolutions and FreeHaitiMovement are encouraged to learn and teach their communities about Haiti's historical accomplishments. HLLN, shall provide, upon request, access to suggested written materials, audio and video streaming for internet and DVD distribution of testimony from victims and resisters of the coup d'etat; letter campaigns, media outreach campaigns; HLLN suggests the wearing and flying of the blue and red colors of Haiti; and, that each year, at least on May 18, July 6, August 14 and Oct. 17, sponsors and endorsers commit to fax, call-in and deliver to the French, Canadian and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, the People of Haiti's demand that France, Canada, the US and the international community respect Haitian sovereignty, stop inflicting Haiti with their traditional "benevolence," racism, patriarchy and incessant corrupt intervention in Haiti's affairs, through foreign "aid" and debt. (See, Haiti Policy Statement for the Obama Team and HLLN's proposed long term solutions to create a new paradim for the poor in Haiti.)

Expose the Lies of the International Community about Haiti, its people and resources. Expose how under the cover of "Aristide-is-corrupt-refrain," with this weapon of mass distraction and Bush “regime change to bring Haiti justice and democracy," the powerful countries of France, Canada and US, with UN soldiers as their corporate army, have turned Haiti into a penal colony for the Haitians masses and are tying Haiti to endless IMF/World Bank debts while looting and plundering Haitian assets and resources. Demand the International coup d'etat supporing countries and enforcers, not Rene Preval, set the political prisoners free, end the UN occupation, return Haitian assets to the people of Haiti. (See, Haiti's Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues and Oil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the UN/US occupation and Ezili HLLN's proposed solutions to create new paradigms.)

Sponsors are encouraged to support Haitian culture and artists. See Campaign 4: Art with soul.

See also Ezili Danto Spoken Word Dance Theater
The Premier Performance, Poetry, West African and Haitian Dance Company

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Ezili Danto's Bwa Kayiman Dance Theatre play with master Haitian drummer, Frisner Augustin and Troupe Makandal

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Author and performance poet, M. Laurent at St. Martin Book Fair-June 1-3, 2006


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"Between Falling and Hitting the Ground from the Red, Black & Moonlight
series by Ezili Dantò)


 FreeHaitiMovementBreaking Sea Chains and RBM Video Reel

The two most common neocolonial storylines about Haiti

There are perhaps two common stories about Haiti that are retold ad nausea.

One is, the convenient black-on-black crime dismissal where the manipulated Haiti image displays the fighting "troubled" Haitians with the "winner take all politics and attitudes" who won't allow Western countries to help them modernized and who are continually killing each other in "civil unrest" and who simply cannot absorb foreign aid or use effectively the generous help provided by the benevolent, heroic and wealthier U.S./Euro white world...

Two - The second most common news story on Haiti details the "needy (and pitiful but proud) Haitians" of Haiti.

This second neocolonial storyline on Haiti "tells the perpetual story of the poor, pitiful, proud and victimized Haitians and of the young, innocent, compassionate white American, come to “do good” in Haiti.... I've read a thousand of them with different faces, same storyline on Haiti.

One group is heroic and self-less, one group is helpless and proud victim and forever shall that be, as is intended, by the powers always not allowing there to be any relief from these pre-ordained roles and the racists and cultural biases it extends about Haitians from the time Haitians chose Africa instead of Europe at Bwa Kayiman, on August 14, 1791...

What is going on?

Why, if there are more NGO's and such charitable non-profit organizations concentrated in Haiti than anywhere else in the world; why, if these compassionate Westerners are continually returning to do "good" in Haiti, for over 200-years, have there not been any significant advancements made and the vast majority of Haitians in Haiti are poor and still just looking for food to eat? ..."

Oh yeah, just go back, rewind to: Common Neocolonial Storyline Number One! - "..the fighting "troubled" Haitians with the "winner take all politics and attitudes" who won't allow Western countries to help them modernized and who are continually killing each other in "civil unrest" and who simply cannot absorb foreign aid or use effectively the generous help provided by the benevolent, heroic and wealthier U.S./Euro white world...(Click here, for complete article.)

 FreeHaitiMovementBreaking Sea Chains and RBM Video Reel

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Dessalines Is Rising
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

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Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!


HLLN's controversy
with Marine
US occupiers
Lt. Col. Dave Lapan faces off with the Network
zilibuttonCarnegie Hall
Video Clip
No other national
group in the world
sends more money
than Haitians living
in the Diaspora
Red Sea- audio

The Red Sea

Ezili Dantò's master Haitian dance class (Video clip)

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to Self

Update on
Site Soley

RBM Video Reel

Angry with
Boat sinking
A group of Haitian migrants arrive in a bus after being repatriated from the nearby Turks and Caicos Islands, in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, Thursday, May 10, 2007. They were part of the survivors of a sailing vessel crowded with Haitian migrants that overturned Friday, May 4 in moonlit waters a half-mile from shore in shark-infested waters. Haitian migrants claim a Turks and Caicos naval vessel rammed their crowded sailboat twice before it capsized. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Dessalines' Law
and Ideals

Breaking Sea Chains

Little Girl
in the Yellow
Sunday Dress

Anba Dlo, Nan Ginen
Ezili Danto's Art-With-The-Ancestors Workshops - See, Red, Black & Moonlight series or Haitian-West African

Clip one -Clip two
ance performance
zilibutton In a series of articles written for the October 17, 2006 bicentennial commemoration of the life and works of Dessalines, I wrote for HLLN that: "Haiti's liberator and founding father, General Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated by the Mullato sons of France. That was the first coup d'etat, the Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat). Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments." These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth, excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets." (See also, Kanga Mundele: Our mission to live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation; The Legacy of Impunity of One Sector-Who killed Dessalines?; The Legacy of Impunity:The Neoconlonialist inciting political instability is the problem. Haiti is underdeveloped in crime, corruption, violence, compared to other nations, all, by Marguerite 'Ezili Dantò' Laurent
No other national group in the world sends more money than Haitians living in the Diaspora
Solidarity Day Pictures & Articles
May 18, 2005
Pictures and Articles Witness Project
Drèd Wilme, A Hero for the 21st Century

Pèralte Speaks!

Yvon Neptune's
Letter From Jail
April 20, 2005

(Kreyol & English)
Click photo for larger image
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme

Crucifiction of
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme,
a historical

Urgent Action:
Demand a Stop
to the Killings
in Cite Soleil

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zilibutton Slide Show at the July 27, 2004 Haiti Forum Press Conference during the DNC in Boston honoring those who stand firm for Haiti and democracy; those who tell the truth about Haiti; Presenting the Haiti Resolution, and; remembering Haiti's revolutionary legacy in 2004 and all those who have lost life or liberty fighting against the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat and its consequences
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