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International Haiti Day of Solidarity


To support the resistance inside and outside of Haiti to the U.S./Canada/France- backed Coup D'etat and foreign occupation of Haiti.

May 18, 2005 (Haitian Flag Day) Is Free Haiti Day! - The World Stands In Solidarity With The People of Haiti against the Coup, the de facto protectorate and foreign occupation of Haiti.

Ayisyen: You are not alone! We shall fly Dessalines' blue and red liberating colors until Haiti is free!"

Listen to radio spot (in Kreyol) for May 14-18, 2005 events-New York, U.S. A.
Dessalines Is Rising Worldwide!
Answer the call - Join the list of sponsors to launch the Free Haiti Movement
See partial list of sponsors below.
Sign-on by sending e-mail to Erzilidanto@yahoo.com
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Partial list of Original Sponsors:

The University of Guyana African Culture & Development Association (UGACDA)
The Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) -Guyana
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
National Conference of Black Lawyers
Peace Brigade, Western and Central Africa
All African Student Union (AASU) - Africa
Africa Peace - Benin, Africa
Caribbean Pan African Network - Montserrat
Caribbean Pan African Network - St. Lucia
Caribbean Pan African Network - Anguilla
Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) - Haiti
Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
Veye Yo
Lakou New York
Haiti Action Committee
Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners in Haiti-Haiti
AUMOHD Dwa Moun - Haiti
International Action Cente.
A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition
Fondasyon Mapou
Black Youth United
San Francisco Bayview Newspapers
African Socialist International
New England Organization for Human Rights in Haiti
Fondasyon Trant Septanm
Radio Ayiti
Africa Today (KPFA)
Haiti Support Network (HSN)
Parti Populaire Nationale (PPN)
Haiti Progres
L'ACHASAUSHA (Association canado-haitienne pour sauvegarder la souveraineté d'Haiti)
CHORHA (Comité des Haitiens de l'Outaouais
pour la reconstruction d'Haiti)
Nu Afrikan Liberation
Ottawa Haiti Solidarity Committee (OHSC) - Canada
Vwa Zanset Association - Canada
California State University of Long Beach Campus Progressives
Komite Chalo Jaklen
Patizan Jezikri
Freedom Archives
Global Exchange
Malcom X Grassroots Movement
Black Radical Congress
TransAfrica Forum
Haitkaah Social Justice Project
April 6 Vt Citizens' Lobby
Fanm Lakay
Pax Christi | Haiti Task Force
Vanguard Public Foundation
Haiti Solidarity Committee, Miami Florida
Ecumenical Program for Central America and the Caribbean
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - DC Branch
Haitian Charities of America (HACHOFA) - Haiti
Asosiyasyon Chofè Taksi (ACT) - Haiti
Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) - Toronton, Canada
Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) - Ottowa, Canada
Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) - Montreal, Canada
The Haiti Dream Keeper Archives - New York, New York
Stand for Peace of Cottage Grove, Oregon USA
Haiti Solidarity, British Columbia
Afrikan Am Institute for Policy Studies & Planning
CQRDTHRD - Comité québécois pour la reconnaissance des
droits des travailleurs haïtiens enRépublique dominicaine

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