Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network denounces
all supporters of death squads and regime-change-
through-force and foreign intervention in Haiti


The Chalabis* of Haiti have made Haiti a million-times
worst than it was before the Coup d'etat

December 19, 2004

(Originally entitled:"Chalabis of Haiti have made Haiti 5000-times worst than it was before the Coup d'etat.')

Below is a Washington Post Editorial stating how the Bush administration has failed Haiti by letting the HERO act die in Congress. But the Bush administration has more than failed Haiti because it didn't reward the Haitian coup d'etat supporters with the HERO Act's trickle-down economics. It's war crimes against the people of Haiti should be heard at the Hague. But, it is not only the Bush Administrations that failed Haiti. It is the Haitians who allied with the Bush Administration and Roger Noreiga to destroy Haiti's fledging democracy under the facade of caring about the civil rights of all Haitians!

For Haiti's "own good" these forces have brought Haiti back not only to dictatorship but to colonial occupation and rule.

Where is electoral democracy, security and stability with the opponents to the Constitutional government of Haiti currently in power under "Gwo Gera" (the imported Latortue) and sweatshop kingpins who cannot even get their foreign backers to deliver on promises of UN troops, "billions in aid" and HERO bills and such. But, they can, within the cocoon of international media silence, easily and summarily get over 4000 Haitians killed in nine months, over 1100 arbitrarily put in prison, and dozens upon dozens (if not as much as 150 from HLLN's current information) murdered and dumped in mass graves while held as hostages in Gwo Gera's Nazi-police custody at Haiti's National Penitentiary???

Frankly, the only thing the opposition to electoral democracy in Haiti has manage "to do" with the overthrow of the Constitutional government in Haiti is make life 5000-times worst for Haitians than it was when Haiti was officially under an international humanitarian embargo - the international effort (led by the Bush Administration) against the people of Haiti and against Haitian domestic development. The reason for the economic embargo against the Haitian people (not "NGO's", of course, led by Pres. Aristide's opponents) where wrapped in the rhetoric of censure against the Constitutional government for election irregularities that had occurred before the Aristide/Preval government took office.

Andre Apaid, Jr. Boulos, Nadal, Group 184, the worst-of-Lavalas-such-as-Evans-Paul/Danny-Toussaint-and-other-double-agents-and-bitter-Lavalas-politicians-with-a-personal-ax-to-grind, the Haiti Democracy Project and their US/Canada/France-cohorts, have decapitated Haiti's progress towards participatory democracy, led Haiti to facing foreign tutelage, "Canadian Protectorate" for 25-years or more, caused the assassination of over 4,000 Black men, women and children in Haiti's overpopulated neighborhoods, brought back the systemic rape and the oppression of Haitian women and girls. Generally they have wrought massive destruction unseen in the Western Hemisphere since the Contra wars and Latin American wars against U.S.-sponsored dictatorship, humiliated themselves and shown the world their total and collective stupidity and ignorance as the so-called "educated elites" of Haiti while spitting on the founding ancestor's legacy in 2004 and bringing French soldiers back onto Haitian soil, not to mention U.S.'s-colonial proxies to Haiti - the bloody and criminal-minded, Haitian army.

These coup d'etat supporters, orchestrators and implementers - including the forever full of spite and bitterness ex-Minister of Culture under Preval, Raoul Peck, (See article "Aristide is no Mandela" by Raoul Peck) - have failed Haiti and its people in the most unforgivable and insupportable manner.

With the alliance of the greatest neocolonial powers on earth, these Chalabis of Haiti conspired to destroy all that the people of Haiti had built these last ten years - more high schools than in Haiti's 200 years, literacy programs (in 10 years illiteracy rate in Haiti moved from 85% to 48%!), a medical university, bus-cooperatives, public parks, more portable water, electricity, lunch programs for the poor, a better airport, freedom of religion to mean recognizing Vodun as legitimately Haitian, demand for respect of the ancestors' victory requiring France to repay back the 1825 stolen funds, et al -- in a staggering scorch earth manner that shall never match whatever failings they had EVER accused the thousands upon thousands of elected government and duly appointed Haitian officials they forced out and illegitimately replaced.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
December 19, 2004


Failing Haiti
The Washington Post
Saturday, December 11, 2004

ROGER F. NORIEGA, the assistant secretary of state with responsibility for
the Caribbean region, takes umbrage at suggestions that the United States
has been quicker to send troops into Haiti than to alleviate its appalling
poverty. "Nothing could be further from the truth," Mr. Noriega huffed
last month in a letter to the St. Petersburg Times. Mr. Noriega goes on to
describe the lavish infusions of U.S. aid to Haiti over the past decade --
most of it before the Bush administration took office. He does not mention
the Haitian Economic Recovery Opportunity Act, known as HERO, a trade bill
that could have provided tens of thousands of jobs in the country's
textile sector. Perhaps that's because his administration let the bill die
quietly in Congress without lifting a finger to help.

In Haiti, the hemisphere's poorest nation, there are precious few economic
openings that hold the promise of relatively quick and meaningful
improvements in people's lives. The struggling textile industry is one of
them. HERO would have provided some duty-free access to U.S. markets for
low-priced T-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts assembled in Haiti using
foreign fabric. Allowing cheap fabric imported from anywhere was a heady
inducement for investors not otherwise eager to do business given Haiti's
poverty and political chaos; without it, apparel makers would take their
business elsewhere, probably to Asia. And a small trade preference in U.S.
markets would go a long way: Duty-free access to 3 percent of the U.S.
market would support 100,000 jobs in Haiti, according to some estimates.

Under pressure from textile-producing Southern states and their
representatives in Congress, the bill was watered down in the House. But
even that modest helping hand for Haiti was too much for two Southern
Republicans, Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and Sen. Jeff Sessions
of Alabama, who blocked a vote in the Senate, although as past president
of the American Red Cross, Mrs. Dole might have been expected to grasp a
thing or two about jobs and relief for desperately needy people.

Faced with the expiration of a quota system for textile imports at the end
of this year, many countries are requesting preferential access to U.S.
markets. But Haiti is in a category of its own. Its destitution is
staggering. The United States has sent troops there twice in the past
decade, each time pledging a renewed commitment to help lift Haiti's
sputtering economy. And Haiti's crises have a way of washing up on U.S.
shores. Yet when presented with an opportunity to help create jobs and
lift living standards in Haiti, the Bush administration took a powder.

The Washington Post
Copyright © 2004 The Washington Post Company

*The Chalabis of Haiti spread disinformation about the destabilization and overthrow of Haiti's Constitutional government, recognize the illegitimate Latitude as their leader and cannot agree to free and fair elections in Haiti because they owe their jobs and positions with the international community from supporting the rule of force, the former military, the FRAPH assassins and drug dealers, the killing of the poor resisters of their brutality and from the orchestrated chaos and social inequities in Haiti. The Chalabis are:

Gerald ("Gwo Gera") Latortue and his entire imported technocrats and death regime crew.
Group 184 & all those who set up a "parrallel government" to work against duly elected Haitian officials.
Members of the former Haitian military and FRAPH
All supporters of the violent overthrow of Haiti's democratically elected government.
And, bitter ex-Lavalas with an ax to grind or who want revenge because they were either let-go or not given jobs in the Lavalas government or where bought-off by the Chalabis or the Mr. Let's-Hoard-It-All-Imperialist.


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