Hello Coup D'etat People
July 29, 2005

Ezili Danto on respondeat superior for the post-coup d'etat violence in Haiti


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See, Noreiga's libelous statements about Pres. Aristide and the People of Haiti causes pro-democracy groups to demand his resignation.

Hello Coup D’etat people,

Listen, as a courtesy, I'd like you coup d'etat folks to know I have stopped reading your hate mail. Whatever I get from you folks from now is going directly back in the "Vermine Mail" folder unread. Why? Because the level of your conversations are too disingenuous to be productive. This so-called financial report of the Aristide Foundation is just another one of your distractions.

But most importantly, our fundamental premises are very different.

You coup d'etat Haitian folk are not the central enemy to Haiti's sovereignty and redemption. You play an important colonial role, yes.

But you're the simple servant. The emperor is pulling your strings. Why deal with the hapless servant when change will only come by empowering the masses to convince the "master" his policies won't work.

I wrote, in 2003:
"...if we-Haitians don't try to understand and simply allow the
Powers-that-be to use our skin color against us by using the Black
opportunist to carry out White rule; if we coddle white peoples'
psyches, in general, by continuing to analyze and work at the level of
the roles of category ZERO (Apaid, Philippe, Latortue, Boulos, Baker, Lucas, Latortue...), and don’t realize that if that’s all we are about we let the Man Category ONE- Foley/Noriega/US/Canada/France...) off scot-free and THAT, that
plainly amounts to a DEFENSE of his throne; a defense of Category ONE,
who ascended to its throne through shedding our African blood for
centuries and by His “Manifest Destiny,” “Restoring Democracy,” “War on
Drugs,” “War on terrorism,” “free trade,” et cetera. Or, as Rumsfeld
claims, the US is policing the world by endowment from God! If
we-Haitians don't develop the strategy necessary to stop the sham in
its tracks at its roots not its branches; if we refuse to make the Man
step up to the majority, not work through Category ZERO to oppress us,
then what can I say,…. " (The feudal lords and addressing Mbeki" at http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=602#602)

To my mind, Haiti's root problem is not about "Haitian fratricide", black-on-black street crime, or "Aristide's corruption" when he was in office. That's just the cover ups. The sham.

The root of Haiti's current problems comes from the Bush Administration's idea that if they don't like an elected government like Aristide's they can go to a Black opportunists, like Apaid, Philippe, Boulos, Baker, Lucas, Latortue, et al, and through these "Haitian faces" justify presto, pronto, a form of extraordinary rendition/kidnapping. Haiti's elected President is on a plane to Central Africa!

Our question is how can the People of Haiti trust in elections as a means for change in Haiti after this? Trust U.S. officials in Haiti, ever again? For historically and especially with the bicentennial coup d'etat, the U.S. has proven there is no lengths it won't go through to deny the Black vote its weight. So, how can said same officials be now asking that Haitians go to elections!

If we go to elections, what is our guarantee there won't be another Feb. 29, 2004? You see, it's not about Haitian infighting. It's about the U.S. beheading Haitian democracy and an already fledging justice apparatus and always leaving the masses in more misery than before their intervention. And, now they are, through the UN, yap boule kay, that is, they are burning Haiti down, purging it of any remnants of the Lavalas Movement or any sort of bottom-up, grassroots peoples' movement for social change and economic parity for the greater Haitian majority.

Those are the realities. Even though they have been made invisible by the various distractions, like the embedded mass media's' concentration on "chimeres," "gangs violence", "insecurity" and opportunistic criminality. And now the tragic black elites want to use this Jack Roches death spin, and this "Aristide's foundation was looting the state" spin, as new handles to re-energies their falling, crashing coup d'etat balloon.

But the people are very clear as to what/who is responsible for the arrests and killings today in Haiti. It is not Aristide's old foundation that is pulling the trigger killing Haitians and imprisoning Haitians, like Catholic priest, father Gèrard Jean-Juste.

It is not Haitian infighting. No authentic Haitianist agenda for peace and justice to rein in Haiti may be set by that premise.

We stand firm on the premise that the February, 29 2004 coup d'etat was orchestrated and carried out by the US, France and Canada with the Haitian minority re-imaged as "civil society" providing these neo-colonist with their "out" or "plausible deniability" clause and giving a "Haitian face" to the structural and physical violence ragingin Haiti today.

We've indicated publicly over and over again to the Haiti Democracy Project/Ron Daniels/Leslie Voltaire contingent, that their premise is fraudulent. Haitian infighting could not have attained this sort of violence in Haiti because the CIA-FRAPH group (paramilitary, former soldiers and their various civilian-paid thugs) had been demobilized by the Aristide government back in 1994-95. The 8 to 10% of the Haitian population that make up the Foley-acolyte-class would and could never have made a DENT on destabilizing the Lavalas governments, keeping them at impasse for ten years with their attempted coup d'etats, misinformation on levels of corruption, their parallel government, et al and on Haitian underdevelopment in general, without the awesome sponsorship of the international community (US, France, Canada) US Embassy, USAID, NDI, IRI, NED, IFES, IDB, World Bank, European Union, OAS, et al. These organizations and three governments are the "respondeat superiors" so to speak here. The intellectual authors of the bi-centennial coup d'etat and current violence in Haiti.

Thus, we are clear. It is not Haitian infighting that makes Haiti this often bandied about "failed state." At least 90% of Haiti's people are in agreement about the coup d'etat - that is, get along just fine with one another. We're a nation. But, 1). today, they, the masses in Haiti have no representative seating on the throne at the National Palace and 2). the premise that they whose representatives were oustered are the enemy of the Haitian state is subterfuge for terrorizing them so they never take back the throne in Haiti. The point is, those who represent the majority in Haiti are outside the doors of Ron Daniel's and Denise Codere's "No-Haitian-Voters-No-Problem" symposiums in Washington, Atlanta or Montreal. At these tables, the masses in Haiti are being denied their vote, their inalienable right to self-determination; even to participate in setting the agenda for these meetings about them; denied the right to participate in the decisions of their own life and livelihood.

But Noreiga's envoy was there in Atlanta on July 22-23, 2005, with the imposed Minister of Justice, Dorlèans, having an insiders' "honest dialogue" with mostly the 8% group 184 coup d'etat folks they wish defined Haiti. This is structural violence perpetrated by the "beautiful people," (the "PHD's?). It's the opposite of what's meant by "honest", "communication," "dialogue," "of the people, for the people by the people" or "Haitians from all sectors working together." Far front it. It underscores our disenfranchisement.

Yet, twou menti pa fon: the 90% invisible Haitian masses continue to peacefully demonstrate and mobilize to live free or die fighting for their vote and human rights to be respected. They can kill us metaphorically at their meetings like we don't exist, dehumanize and minimize us by calling us "Lavalas chimeres", or, literally in Site Soley with absolute impunity. The truth remains clear, the fundamental issue in Haiti is not Haitian fratricide but Haitian genocide as practice by the Western powers with the cutthroat black middlemen, Category Zeros (no good marks, completely zero barè en Kreyol).

It is the systemic and entrenched foreign policies of the former slaveholders named above and now Canada.

If, the 90% of Haitians who work hard to live free and develop self-reliance and economic democracy where left to face the 8 to 10% fascists, racist Group 184, the black opportunists and their FRAPH/former military men, the people of Haiti would have been done defeating them hands down, perhaps have even integrated them into society as productive members instead of the consistent parasites and fomenters of violence their ilk are and have always been for centuries in Haiti. The courageous and principled peoples of Haiti would have already move on to our collective developmental issues and made progress, further institutionalized the rule of law and constitution rule.

As it is, the U.S. with the help of their (Blan peyi black opportunists and so-called Haitian intellectuals) sells the world the idea that "those incompetent Haitians can't stop fighting, won't talk to each other, are irreversibly polarized and innately violent." Ron Daniels and the Haiti Democracy Project/group 184 people sell this packaged merchandise to the world and couch the 2004 coup d'etat problem in terms of a matter of reconciliation of the "fighting Haitians!" The truth is the opposite. This is a spin. It's not representative of Haiti's historical realities or current realities. Thus any agenda set by it, is not the people of Haiti's agenda but that of, for these times, the US/Canada/France and the proxies they work through (Kofi Anan, Gerard Latortue, Guy Phillipe, Voltaire, Haiti Democracy Project/Group 184, K- Plum, Danny Toussaint, Stanley Lucas, FNH, PCA, et al).

Feb. 29, 2004 the US/France/Canada came to save their acolytes in Haiti which they had invested much money into for 10-years since 1994. Feb. 29 was not about corking the bloodshed for the masses, only the acolytes and their patrons, affiliates and supporters in Haiti. None of these folks are getting killed en mass. It's Lavalas that is getting slaughtered and put in jail. It's Lavalas, Black hope, life and Ginen culture being decimated and the rich that Latortue gave tax breaks to upon ascendancy to his stolen palace seat in Haiti. Now, this imposed Haitian government is even saying they've put father Jean-Juste in jail "for his own protection!" See, how surreal! cause in their world of lies and denials, everything is upside down. Yet, today even after 18-months, with all the killings of the Lavalas Movement, social programs and peoples, with the concentration camp they've made of Site Soley and Bel Air, this minority in Haiti, these Noreiga/Foley/Moreno acolytes still have NO legitimacy since they never represented the masses in Haiti. The Lavalas Movement is still the strongest FORCE with the people of Haiti. It touches their soul where Boulos, Apaid, Baker, Stanley Lucas, Leslie Voltaire, Ron Daniels, and now even Andrew Young (whom they are trying to rope onto their sides) can never reach.

So, now the Ron Daniels/Haiti Democracy Project people are busy tryin' to push the masses to reconcile with the injustices metered out by the US/France/Canada, desperately trying, through UN operations like the July 6, 2005 Site Soley massacres to quiet down the people and force them to stop resisting the rule of the minority elite on behalf of the neoliberal Washington Consensus contingent. They are so desperate, they want to use Andrew Young as "US emissary" to the Congressional Black Caucus ("CBC"), African Union and Caricom, to convince these organizations which have stood with the masses and principles of democracy for these 18th months, to recognize and therefore legitimize the US regime change in Haiti.

But, these appeals are for naught. Neither the CBC, Caricom nor the African Union can confer legitimacy on the innately illegitimate. Only the Haitian people can confer legitimacy to their rulers. They chose him, he's still their president. They still recognize him and would REJOICE en masse if he, instead of Foley had been occupying the National Palace on March 1, 2004.

The US/France/Canada, especially Noriega* and Foley, whose careers are hanging in the balance here as their Haiti terrorizing campaign falls apart, still refuse to see that nothing can legitimize this coup d'etat. That the people of Haiti will not be forced into meekly saying thank you for being ruled by people with guns, who humiliate, dehumanize and spread lies about them.

All the hullabaloo about financial corruption in the Aristide government is so totally beside the point. First off, the Paul Denis report is as suspect as Paul Denis and the illegitimate government he helped bring to power. Nothing that comes out of this corrupted and rotten tree or branch is a good fruit. Period, no comma.

Second, no democracy on this planet is totally free of corruption. Everyone knows that. The US knows that. The years of the Lavalas governments were not picnics for all decent Haitians. I know. Because I spent some of them trying to institutionalize the rule of laws, participatory democracy and transparency and, frankly we weren't making a dent. What I remember very clearly about those days is that it was the US Ambassador who said the Haitian Lawyers Leadership had no place in Haiti because we were "non-governmental." That is, non-US-governmental, did not WORK FOR THE UNITED STATES or its NGOs so therefore we had a "conflict of interests." That is our story in Haiti. So, we've always known who the BOSS was and it wasn't, at least when I was there, the months after the 1994 return, President Aristide. He had returned behind U.S.-plexi glass!. But that story is well documented and is even the basis of my work as a performance artist these years since then. (See, the RBM Video Reel at http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/rbmqt.html ; Kenbe La!:Crossings of a Vodun-Roots Woman at
and, The Red, Black & Moonlight monologue series at http://www.margueritelaurent.com/writings/rbm.html)

Still, even though lots was left to be desired under the Lavalas rule, (See, for instance, Ezili Danto's concerns about the free trade zone written on Aug. 6, 2003 at "Aristide's Betrayal: US Free Zone displaces Haitian farmers"
http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=701#701 and "Popular leader does not always herald in progress" http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=717#717 ) but there was electoral democracy, people could speak without worry of filling up the jails as it is now and there was a legitimate social contract with the masses, a foundation, a place to stand from and move forward from.

Now we are in quicksand. Sinking deeper and deeper. The body count and State terror is horrific, even worst than under Duvalier. The corruption is for REAL. I mean, not USAID-democracy-enhancement-program-magnified and fabricated and over-exaggerated. There's Youri Latorture’s criminal embarrassments, the imposed government's complicity in the Feb. 19, 2005 "prison break", the illegal arms sales, the drug trafficking, the state-organized kidnappings, the Jerry Narsiuses and Dorvils, the UN/MINUSTHA soldiers rape of Haitian women and girls, the selling off without the people's permission of State assets to foreigners, the accumulation of DEBT with no benefit to the public good, the rice scandal, the counterfeit monies scandal within the Haitian consulate in the Dominican Republic, the summary executions, the men-in-black-return-of-CIA/FRAPH, the stealing of aid monies, not, not to mention the fact that every single official in the Bush regime-change government is ILLEGITIMATE and bought their position for cash or as rewards for their coup d'etat "good works." Thus, they are essentially accountable to no one. Definitely not to the Haitian masses whose votes they summarily discounted. There's the more than 10,000 dead in one year - the sacred year of 2004 no less!; there's the 1,000 illegally imprisoned, repression of journalists and denial of freedom of the press and speech by the "Wise," the recent persecution of Radyo Solidarite's owner, the back pay to the demobilized army, the reversing of the Raboteau verdict, the acquittal of Louis Jordel Chamblain in a sham trial, the destruction of literacy programs, health clinics, youth TV/radio stations, schools, public parks for the people's enjoyment, the museum in Port au Prince, the medical university, etc..ect.

Who's primarily responsible? Who's the respondeat superior? (For Ezili Danto's analysis of applicability of "Respondeat Superior" theory in Haiti, see July 27, 2003 post "Mawonaj resistance - Addressing Mbeki " at http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=663#663 ; See also "Look at three oldest Black Republics to find the Blueprint" at http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=667#667 )

Who's primarily responsible? No. Not the Haitian opportunist. Not Haitian infighting. Not black-on-black street crime. For the Category Zeros (the Black opportunists) in this Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat circus are just the retainers, employees, the toys in the circus. If the circus master waives his baton, these animals would simply heed, or eventually lose steam and let the people live. The killings of Lavalas and arbitrary arrests would stop tomorrow. But that is not the intention of the ringmasters, owners, operators and kingmakers in Haiti.

So, my coup d'etat folks, I can't continue to have a conversation with ya'll cause you all are not representative of the majority of Haiti. Your power comes from the Kolon, the circus master. It's not authentic power but vicarious power. A master/servant, principle/agent thing. And no circus tricks, Ron Daniels "No-Voters-No-Problem" symposium, no crocodile tears and haranguing Lavalas about Jacques Roche's death, no arbitrary arrests, indefinite detention, summary execution of Lavalas, fancy jacket or top hat will hide the ringmasters baton here directing this coup d’etat show.

When he tells you to jump. Ya'll coup d’etat playthings jump through the hoops. He says "stay," ya'll stay. He claps. You all clap your hands. He says go kill. You go kill the people of Site Soley, Bel Air, Solino, Fort National, Gran Ravin. He says arrest Jean Juste and don’t release Yvon Neptune until after the “(s)elections” and you say “yessah massah.” "I be good massah, not them chimeres, massah." When he’s ready to return Aristide, you’re ready. And the beat goes on, and on and on and on. Thus, there's no point in going to the poor tragic elite and Pepe-educated intellectual classes in Haiti and abroad for change in Haiti. Ginen-Haitians, decent Haitians from all walks of life, must come look collectively outwards together and give voice to the fundamental and structural problems of Haiti and its majority.

Fundamentally, US foreign policy reps and their NGOs underdevelop Haiti and uses the black economic elites or any black opportunists (Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Kofi-n Annans, Ron Daniels, The Apaids, the Toto Constants, the Guy Phillipes, Stanley Lucas', Boulos, Baker, a Brazilian general even) as their "hommes-des-main" to get their work done. The Haitian masses must get an international, worldwide acknowledgement of that fundamental problem before Haitians may truly participate in their own lived realities and assure that if the masses go to elections again in Haiti there won’t be another February 29 because the US doesn’t like the results! That’s the fundamental pwoblèm my coup d’etat folks. It's not primarily about Haitian infighting or Aristide's corruption or black-on-black ghetto crime.

It's about Mr-Let's-Hoard-it-all who wishes to make the Haitian masses a backdrop in their own land for US tourist vacations, Burger King, Halliburton; to make Haiti only a "market" making a 1,000% profit in investment for Euro/US citizens because in the US/Euro mainlands the customary and legal profit margins are barely 7%, 25%- no where as lucrative as when Dessaline's lands and labor forces are exploited without Haitian recourse to a representative government in place. It's about keeping that paradigm and not letting the Lavalas Movement or hope change it, so that Cuba and Venezuela would get bad ideas, inspiration and encouragement to continue their social policies.

It's not about Haitian infighting, not about category zero - the Black opportunist (See, Ezili Danto post, dated July 15, 2003 where these categories are defined in "The feudal lords and addressing Mbeki" at http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=602#602 )

So, my people. I am out. Y'all coup d'etat folks are just as oppressed as the masses in Haiti. But you just deny it. That why the astute call you the TRAGIC black elite. Suffering from a mutilated double consciousness, your very existence depends on denying your own self-interests. (See, Ezili Danto's "It's Not In The Past - The Blueprint is still being followed", particularly Section entitled, "The Making of the Tragic Black Elite/Understanding the complexities" dated July 27, 2003 http://www.haitiforever.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=666#666)

As I wrote back in 2003 in the post "The feudal lords and addressing Mbeki ":

"if we spend our time looking at the feudal lords (i.e. Latortue/Apaid/Group 184/ Guy Phillipe/Colin Powell/Condi Rice/Kofi-n Annan) ruling by decree instead of dethroning the divine kings who either anointed the Black opportunist to rule or forced their legitimately people-centered rule into something else - a deafening silence on the people’s-social justice needs - if we want to put all accountability in one basket and refuse to see the respondeat superior, than we well deserve our fate. But it's not about ME or the WE on this Forum, its about our suffering Haitian peoples, poor men - women and children, even our (indefinitely detained) imprisoned (Haitian) toddlers in the US, with no voice. It's about them. So, I say, it's way, way, way past time for 'successful' Haitians to hear M’beki’s clarion call. It’s time, we used 'the foundry of our knowledge' bases and access to history to look beyond the veil and confront the central enemy and thereby break His white-death-grip. It’s time we became the masters of our fate, the captains of our souls and thereby truly helpful to our Haitian masses. "


Ezili Danto
July 29, 2005
La rouze fè banda toutan soley pa leve!

“Dje blan-yo mande krim. Bon Dje ki nan nou-an vle byen fè.” (Boukmann at Bwa Kayiman, August 14, 1791)

*Miami Herald reports on Sat. July 30, 2005, Noreiga has resigned!!!

See, Noreiga mus go: HLLN demands Noreiga resignation on June 24, 2005, at:http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/noreigago.html



l. See. HLLN Statement: Ron Daniels' Coup D'etat Disinformation campaign to continue at July 22-24, 2005 'No Haitian Voters, No Problem, Symposium, Part 2| Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent July 13, 2005

2. See also, Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at it again...http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/danielsatitagain.html

3. HLLN's Open Letter Demanding a Stop to UN Slaughter of Haitian Civilians in Site Soleil, Haiti | Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent July 21, 2005

4. HLLN Statement: Jack Roche's Kidnapping and death used by US-backed "Council of the Wise" and Coup D'etat regime to criminalize Lavalas: Pretext for cracking down more on the poor masses and to justify upcoming sham elections | Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent July 17, 2005

5 . Noreiga's attack on President Aristide and the People of Haiti causes pro-democracy Haitians to demand his resignation | Haitian Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent July 24, 2005

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7. Have the Latortues Kidnapped Democracy in Haiti? by Anthony Fenton| ZNet | June 26, 2005 http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/kidnapdemo.html

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