Sample Letter Supporting the HLLN's Haiti Resolution.

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(Sponsors of the Free Haiti movement and individual activists may use the sample letter below or give this letter to supporters encouraging them to promote the Haiti Resolution, adding their own personal modifications, as desired.

Letters are to be sent to the their government authorities (and copied to the media) asking said officials to take necessary diplomatic actions to remove the international blocks preventing the people of Haiti from reinstalling to power their duly elected Constitutional government as desired by the peoples of Haiti. The letters may include the Haitian Lawyers Learship Appeal. (Some suggested contact info is also below)


Sample Letter supporting
HLLN's Haiti Resolution

Dear _________

I write to request that our government stop supporting the reign of terror in Haiti and use all diplomatic efforts to support the democratically elected President of Haiti, return of all the exiles including President Aristide, end the defacto protectorate and UN repression of the people of Haiti.

I urge you to take all steps to help:

Show respect for Haiti's sovereignty, right to self-determination, respect for the one-person-one-vote-principle, support for the Feb. 7th vote and support the return back to Haiti of President Aristide and all those exiled by the bloody Feb. 29th coup d'etat;

Stop the U.N. and Haitian police killing of Lavalas supporters and end the UN occupation and repression. Haiti needs engineers, agronomists, technicians to build infrastructures, community policing to service the people, tractors not armored tanks, not repressive armies, military operations, war guns or heavy weaponry. The UN victims from Site Soley and all the victims of the 2004 coup d'etat must be accorded justice, including Dred Wilme, Sonia Romelus, her infant sons Nelson and Stanley and all the victims of the UN troops since their landing in Haiti;

Release all the political prisoners in Haiti;

Disarm, prosecute and bring the death squads, convicted killers and thugs to justice, not reintegrating the military into the civilian police force or rewarding these human rights violators with positions of authority over the people they are abusing.

Give temporary asylum to the fleeing Haitian refugees, and,

Support the OAS/CARICOM/African Union and Congressional Black Caucus' request for an international investigation into the role the foreign powers of the United States, France and Canada into the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat in Haiti.




E-mail/phone number_________


The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network's Appeal for international support on the People of Haiti's right to
self-respect, self-determination and self-defense

We Haitian democracy activists have taken on ourselves a great task. The Haitian people have been robbed again, not only of the wealth of our country, and not only of the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen, but of our sense of self-determination.

The very essence of being Haitian is the connection to those freedom fighters of the revolution who would not lie down and obey the men who claimed to be their masters. Today, Haiti is being ruled by a regime that was selected by foreign powers. The legitimate officials are in exile, in hiding, or in captivity.

All around, voices are telling us to suffer this indignity, to give up on our quest for self-governance, that somehow we are unfit to choose our own leaders or our own style of governance.

We utterly reject this pattern of thought. It is the mental slavery from which Bob Marley calls us to emancipate ourselves. For the average Haitian "This Song of Freedom" is truly all we have ever had. And now they want to take that too.

It is with this sense of insistence and urgency that we set forth our grievances and define our terms for reconciliation in the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution. We ask that all Haitian democracy activists circulate this resolution, its updates, and address the issues and demands of the resolution (its updates) to their own governments, and to the United Nations, which has the responsibility for protecting the right of self-determination. But most of all, we ask all solidarity groups who wish to sincerely help Haitians, to not just send their appeals to the UN, the US-installed government, the coup d'etat governments or Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy M. Carney. You're better off telling your next door neighbor about what they are not seeing on the conventional media about Haiti then simply telling the UN, US, Candadian officials (et al) what they already know and wish to hide behind the headlines. Kindly send appeals and background info to the MEDIA. Flood the U.S. local, national and international media with your concerns about the abuse, occupation, genocide and re-enslavement of the people of Haiti.

Remember letters of appeals to the media is a start, but political action, economic boycott and systemic and consistent public censure/exposure are essentially what pro-democracy Haitians are asking from solidarity groups. Please also do this by supporting the yearly events of the FreeHaitiMovement, sponsoring a "To Tell The Truth About Haiti Forum, support our 7 Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou campaigns and boycotts.

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution:

1. Demand respect for the Feb. 7, 2006 presidential vote and the return of constitutional rule to Haiti, including return of all those in exiled because of the bloody Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat, including, President Jean Bertrand Aristide, as mandated by Haiti's Constitution. Stop further pressures from the international community and mass media that would negate the Feb. 7, 2006 people's mandate by vilifying President Rene Preval or pressuring his government and team into International Financial Institution (IFIs) compromises and giving seats, power or unmerited positions to the losers of the Feb. 7th elections (See Protect the Feb. 7th vote -2006 update);

2. Condemn the killings, illegal imprisonment and confiscation of the property of supporters of Haiti's Aristide/Neptune constitutional government and insist that all contracts entered into by Haiti's illegitimate "interim government" do not bind a duly elected president of Haiti or the people of Haiti, who never submitted to the Boca Raton regime's persecutions or the internationally-supported persecution of its thugs and murderers from sectors in their police force, from the paramilitaries, (Lame timanchet), gangs and former soldiers;

3. Insist on the immediate release of all political prisoners in Haitian jails, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Jacques Mathelier and other constitutional government officials still imprisoned and the immediate and unconditional release of Paul Raymond, folk singer-activist Sò Anne, musician and grassroots activist, Yvon “Zap Zap” Antoine and the thousands of others suffering in Haiti's inhuman prisons merely for expressing their political opinions or because they were coordinating literacy, cultural and/or feeding programs to help the disenfranchised Haitian masses.

4. Insist on the disarmament of the thugs, death squad leaders and convicted human rights violators and their prosecution for all crimes committed during and after the attack on Haiti's elected government and support the rebuilding of Haiti's police force, ensuring that it excludes anyone who helped to overthrow the democratically elected government or who participated in other human rights violations;

5. Support the equal application of the U.N.'s Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration program to the people in the poor neighborhoods of Haiti such as Bel Air, Site Soley, Site De Dye, Solino, Gran Ravin, Martisan, et al, but with Haitian-led and designed social programs and without remobilizing the former military or reconstituting well known human rights violators or coup detat enforcers into the police force.

6. Support the demilitarization of the Haitian police and UN peacekeepers, promoting not any army on Haitian soil, foreign or domestic, but community-based policing; community-focused U.N. and Haitian police work and training and the banning of U.N. tanks, heavy weapons, equipments and all small arms exports to Haiti. Haiti needs engineers, agronomists, technicians to build infrastructures, community policing to service the people, tractors not armored tanks, not repressive armies, military operations, war guns or heavy weaponry. The UN victims from Site Soley and all the victims of the 2004 coup d'etat must be accorded justice, including Sonia Romelus, her infant sons Nelson and Stanley and all the victims of the UN troops since their landing in Haiti;

5. Stop the indefinite detention and automatic repatriation of Haitian refugees and immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all Haitian refugees presently in the United States until democracy is restored to Haiti; and

6. Support the calls by the OAS, CARICOM and the African Union for an investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide's removal. Support the enactment of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's T.R.U.T.H Act which calls for U.S. Congressional investigation of the forcible removal of the democratically elected President and government of Haiti. Support the call by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN) for investigation into the role of UN/MINUSTHA, OAS, IFES, NED, Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), US Embassy, Group 184, CEP and the de facto authorities, et al, in electoral fraud to dilute* the Feb. 7, 2006 people's vote, including HLLN's call to investigate the further electoral fraud committed by these authorities in the second (and third) Legislative rounds in order to strip Haiti of its sovereignty and deny the masses, who have been disenfranchised for more than 200 years, a voice in their own country and its government activities.

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!





Some Contact Info:

U.S. Citizens: To find your representatives contact info, use

Ambassador Anne Patterson
Head of the US delegation on the recent UN Security Council mission to Haiti
8th Floor US Mission to the United Nations
140 E. 45th Street NY, NY 10017
Fax: 212-415-4053

U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Janet Sanderson
by Fax 011-509-223-9038 or 011-509-223-1641
(phone: 011-509-223-4711)

Haitian Government contact:

Mme Adeline Magloire Chancy Minister for Women's Rights

Canadian Ambassador to Haiti

Claude Boucher
Embassy of Canada
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
by Fax: (509) 249-9920
by Email: prnce@international.gc.ca
(Telephone: (509) 249-9000)


Ambassador of France in Haiti

Embassy of France
51 place des Hèros de l'Independance - BP 312
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
by Fax : (509) 223 5675
Telephone: (509) 222-0952

MINUSTAH (UN) contacts: please send emails to all of the following addresses:

Gender issues: Nadine Puechguirbal - puechguirbal@un.org
UN Human Rights Adviser Mahamane Cisse-Gouro: cisse-gouro@un.org
Thierry Fagart - fagart@un.org - fax: 509-244-9366/7

Or send letters to any MINUSTAH contacts at:


385 Ave. John Brown
Bourdon Boîte Postale
557 Port-au-Prince


Hon. Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General
By Fax: 212.963.4879

UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)
c/o Office of UN General Secretary (New York)
By Fax: 212.963.4879

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!




Yvon Neptune's
Letter From Jail
April 20, 2005

(Kreyol & English)
Click photo for larger image
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme

Crucifiction of
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme,
a historical

Urgent Action:
Demand a Stop
to the Killings
in Cite Soleil

Sample letters &
Contact info

Denounce Canada's role in Haiti: Canadian officials Contact Infomation

Urge the Caribbean Community to stand firm in not recognizing the illegal Latortue regime:

Selected CARICOM Contacts
zilibutton Slide Show at the July 27, 2004 Haiti Forum Press Conference during the DNC in Boston honoring those who stand firm for Haiti and democracy; those who tell the truth about Haiti; Presenting the Haiti Resolution, and; remembering Haiti's revolutionary legacy in 2004 and all those who have lost life or liberty fighting against the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat and its consequences
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