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Ron Daniels' Coup D'etat disinformation campaign to continue at July 22-24 'No Haitian Voters, No Problem' Part 2


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See also, Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at it again...

HLLN Statement
July 13, 2005

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network unequivocally denounces all attempts at legitimizing the Coup D'etat and defacto protectorate the Bush Administration has imposed on Haiti. To that end, HLLN denounces, Ron Daniels and the meeting convened by Ron Daniels in Atlanta Georgia for July 22 - 24, 2005. It is another farcical and fraudulent attempt by Ron Daniels, as stooge for the Coup D'etat regime, to give a "progressive" and "African-American" face to the Bush regime change in Haiti. We remind Ron Daniels and all the proposed participants of this meeting that the Congressional Black Caucus, the African Union, CARICOM, Venezuela and all who uphold the sanctity of the one-person-one-vote principle, have not formally recognized the puppet government in Haiti nor stand for the continued disenfranchisement of the people of Haiti.

Ron Daniels is a Coup D'etat supporter who has been discredited by every Haitian freedom fighter in Haiti and abroad, including losing his job at the Center For Constitutional Rights for his heinous behavior on Haiti. Yet, Ron Daniels has powerful regime-change friends in the U.S. State Department and with the morally repugnant Haitian bourgeoisie, and the radical revolutionaries from Haiti who have become imperialist lackeys, such as PABDA, Chavannes Jean Baptise, MPP and certain opportunist former Lavalas. Thus, Ron Daniels continues to try and further compromise Haitian sovereignty, democracy, justice and peace.

But, to date, all of Ron Daniels attempts at cloaking himself as an "impartial facilitator" for Haiti have been unmasked just as the "rebels" who oustered the elected government of Haiti have been finally unmasked as mainly the former Tonton Macoutes now called FRAPH and the demobilized Haitian soldiers sheltered and trained in the Dominican Republic and supported by the U.S.

Yet, even though he's been unmasked, like Guy Phillipe who has just announced his candidacy for President of Haiti, Ron Daniels continues to announce himself as "honest broker" for Haiti. HLLN denounces Daniels, his continued Coup D'etat works and U.S. disinformation campaigns. Basically this symposium he proposes could easily be entitled "The Ron Daniels' No Haitian Voters, No Problem Symposium, Part 2."

Just as in his Washington meeting, some of these "confirmed" invitees do not know they have been deemed "confirmed;" do not know that Haiti's most popular party has taken its distance from Daniels, and said "confirmed invitees" are, as usual, utilized to draw in other
unsuspecting participants and give legitimacy to Daniel's State Department campaign to give a "progressive" and "African-American" face to the most brutal re-colonization attempt of Haiti to date. (See, "Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at it again... "by Marguerite Laurent, March 11, 2005
http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/danielsatitagain.html )

Please, if you know any of the noted "confirmed invitees" below, let them know that Ron Daniels has been discredited with regards to Haiti. Let your representatives know that Ron Daniels and the Lavalas individuals he notes in this "confirmed" list DO NOT represent the
people of Haiti. Let them know Daniels' Coup D’etat activities are well known to Haitian activists, the poor majority in Haiti and the international pro-democracy, peace and justice community.

Join the FREE HAITI MOVEMENT: help stop the slaughter of the poor majority in Haiti by the Coup D'etat regime and supporters, began by denouncing Ron Daniel's and his disinformation campaigns in the U.S. (See below Daniel's "No Haitian Voters NO Problem" National Symposium July 22 - 24, 2005, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Solidarity Day
July 13, 2005

Background Info:

Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at it again..
(Conference with the Chalabis of Haiti)
by Marguerite Laurent, March 11, 2005




Symposium on the Future of Democracy and Development in Haiti II
July 22 - 24, 2005,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Convened by
Dr. Ron Daniels, Founder Ambassador Andrew Young,

The Haiti Support Project Goodworks International
Update # 1

If you have not already confirmed your attendance at the forthcoming
Symposium, it is imperative that you do so immediately.
Attendance/participation in this critical meeting is by invitation
only. You must be on the Symposium list of confirmed participants to
be admitted. Recent confirmations include:

* Honorable Shirley Franklin, Mayor, City of Atlanta
Rev. Dr. Major Jemison, President, National Progressive Baptist Convention
Rev. Dr. Tyrone Pitts, General Secretary, Progressive National Baptist Convention
Alix Baptiste, Minister for Haitians Living Abroad, Interim Government of Haiti
Dumas Simeus, Founder and Chairman, Simeus Foods, International
Marc Bazin, Mouvement pour L'Insturation de la Democratie
Frandley Denis Julien, National Civic Movement
Leslie Voltaire, Fanmi Lavalas
Dr. Joseph Baptiste, President, National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians
Phillipe R. Armand, President, Groupe Dynamics
Carolyn Rose-Avila, Regional Director, World Vision International
Roger Millien, Political Commission, Fanmi Lavalas
Ronald Saint-Jean, Coordinator, Comite de Defense des Droits du Peuple Haitien
Cyril Francois, Political Commission, Fanmi Lavalas
Jocelyn McCalla, Executive Director, National Coalition for Haitian Rights
Lionel Delatour, Vice-President, Centre Pour La Libre Enterprise Et La Democratie
James Morrell, Executive Director, Haiti Democracy Project
Fritznel Benoit, Fanmi Lavalas, New York
Paul Denis, OPL
Yveline Momperousse, Fanmi Lavalas, New York
Jean Claude Martineau, Former Director of Culture and Education, National Television of Haiti
Marie Pointdujour, Fanmi Lavalas, New York
Ambassadeur Amadou Pitroipa, Organisation Internationale De La Francophonie
Congressman Gregory Meeks, Congressional Black Caucus
* Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Congressional Black Caucus
*Congressman John Lewis, Congressional Black Caucus
* Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Congressional Black Caucus State Representative Tyrone Brooks, President, Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials

Change in the Schedule

Please be advised that due to a reduction in service to Haiti by American Airlines, we were compelled to revise the schedule to take into account that people traveling from Haiti will have to arrive in Atlanta July 21 in order to fully participate in the Symposium. The
revised schedule is as follows:

Please make reservations for your accommodations by July 8, at the Doubletree Club Hotel at the Atlanta Airport, located at 3400 Norman Berry Drive, by calling 1-800-222-8733 or 404-763-1600. When calling to make your reservation please specify your participation in the Haiti Support Project Symposium to get the room rate of $109.00 per night (single or double occupancy). To minimize expenses the Symposium officially begins on Friday afternoon at 2:00PM to allow for Friday morning arrivals. We also invite you to make your travel arrangements with Geraldine Blanchard of Global Tours & Travel who can be reached
at 1-800-626-6040 or 321-676-6040.

A Closing Thought
Can Haiti Avoid an Implosion?

The second Symposium on the Future of Democracy and Development in Haiti takes place at a time when the nation is reeling from the impact of an array of destructive forces. Given the deteriorating situation in Haiti, time and time again the question must be asked, is there a sufficient body of Haitian leaders and opinion makers who have the will to overcome a politics which has all to often been characterized by a winner take all, zero-sum, no compromise attitude? Are there leaders who are prepared to reach out to each other to work in a principled manner to find a formula of justice and reconciliation that
can serve as a basis for decisively moving the country forward along the path to sustained democracy and development? Or, will the ancient customs of rivalry, antagonism, selfishness, greed, corruption, political violence and the disregard for the long suffering Haitian masses continue to prevail?

In the current crisis of chronic insecurity, clinging to the old habits can only lead to a meltdown, an implosion in which Haiti virtually ceases to exist as a viable nation-state. The only rational way forward is through frank and principled dialogue and constructive engagement among various parties and constituencies to reach an accommodation and to create the environment in which the habits, customs, practices and institutions of democracy can flourish. In a real sense the challenge is to enable and empower the masses of theHaitian people to fulfill their dreams and aspirations as citizens of the first Black Republic in this hemisphere – it is to fulfill the promise of one of the greatest revolutions in history!Therefore, this Symposium must not be just another meeting. Together, we must discuss concrete proposals for building trust and building bridges among leaders, parties and constituencies in the interest of achieving a brighter future for Haiti. Of necessity this will require give and take, compromise and a willingness to overcome past antagonisms in the interest of saving the nation and improving the quality of life of the Haitian people. Ambassador Andrew Young and I believe this Symposium can make a modest contribution towards reaching this goal. Your participation will help ensure the success of this effort.

Dr. Ron Daniels , Founder
Haiti Support Project

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers' Leadership Network
"Men anpil chay pa lou" is Kreyol for - "Many hands make light a heavy load."
Join our International Solidarity - THE FREE HAITI MOVEMENT. For info, see:
Haiti Solidarity and, Info on sponsorship of Haiti Solidarity

Help stop the slaughter in Cite Soleil, Bel Air and throughout Haiti, now.

Learn more:
“Bandit King in Cite Soleil”
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme Interview



Solidarity Day Pictures & Articles
May 18, 2005
Pictures and Articles Witness Project
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Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
"Dread" Wilme reported killed July 6, 2005

Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme
Urgent Action
Alert- Demand a Stop to Killings
in Cite Soleil:

Background Info,
Sample letters and Contact information provided, April 21, 2005

Crucifiction of
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme,
a historical

Charlemagne Peralte - The old Bandit King of Haiti
* In 1919 the US murdered him and put the body on public display

Urge the Caribbean Community to stand firm in not recognizing the illegal Latortue regime:

Selected CARICOM Contacts
zilibutton Slide Show at the July 27, 2004 Haiti Forum Press Conference during the DNC in Boston honoring those who stand firm for Haiti and democracy; those who tell the truth about Haiti; Presenting the Haiti Resolution, and; remembering Haiti's revolutionary legacy in 2004 and all those who have lost life or liberty fighting against the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat and its consequences
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