HLLN's August 15, 2005 Letter to UN officials
August 15, 2005

Stop the slaughter and bloodshed in Haiti, in particular the new Coup D'etat folks practice of chopping up the Lavalas poor and women with police machetes.


Demand a Stop to the killings in Cite Soleil, Solino, Bel Air and throughout Haiti
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Letter to UN officials: Stop the slaughter and bloodshed in Haiti, in
particular the new Coup D'etat practice of chopping up Lavalas poor and

Dear Ambassador Kongo-Doudou and UN/US officials concerned with Haiti:

According to the people from the area of Solino in Haiti, more than a
dozen Haitian women from Solino were hacked to death by civilian
attaches who accompanied the Haitian police the first week of August,
2005 in their slaughtering operations. Others from Bel Air and Solino
were also chopped up into pieces after being wounded by the Haitian
police, then put in plastic bags and thrown into canals, some were seen
being eaten by dogs. These acts are being applauded by the Coup D'etat
folks and encouraged by their Haitian radio and media outlets in Haiti.

I am urging you, Mr. Kongo-Doudou, to use all your resources
immediately to investigate this inhuman activity.

News reported also confirms that the Police Chief, Mr. Mario Andresol,
is the architect of this plan. Several sources indicate there is "video
evidence" (and, at least one confiscated by the police but not before
being shown to an AP reporter who reported this) showing these hired
"attaches" were given these long machetes (Machet Koulin) that day in
Solino from out of the back of a police (PNH) pick-up truck. Then, it
is reported these Coup D'etat police officials stood by and watched
as young Haitian men and women were chopped up and killed by their
hired criminal thugs. Those hired killers are so proud of their
actions, so fired-up with knowing there are powerful international
powers upholding the Latortue regime and their impunity, so empowered
by the release of assassins such as Louis Jodel Chamblain, Guy Phillip
and others of the former military governing them within the "police
force", so empowered and congratulated by the group 184 media outlets
and Coup D'etat spokespeople that they have no problem talking to the
press about their terrible acts.

It is beyond disturbing to us, living in the Diaspora, to digest this
type of news when we know that the U.N. recently passed a Resolution
that put the Haitian National Police under its supervision. According
to U.N. Resolution (1608), the Haitian National Police (PNH) can no
longer operate unilaterally. MINUSTAH must either accompany the PNH or
approve its interventions. Thus, it's clear MINUSTHA is the respondeat
superior and must stop condoning such terrible actions.

This is an unspeakably situation, Mr. Ambassador. Now that the state
terror is officially going after women in Haiti who they dehumanize by
identifying as "Mrs. Rat" or "Mrs gangster" , even the next generation
of Haitians are directly being destroyed by Bush Regime change in

In fact, many of the Haitian women killed so far by the UN,
police thugs and their civilian attaches were pregnant or were shot
along with their babies. I truly hope you take immediate steps to
correct the situation before the next killing spree takes place on the
poor and defenseless in Haiti, watched over by the United Nations
acting as a mercenary army for the new Napoleon Brigade (France, US and
Canada), their morally repugnant wealthy Haitians and terrorizing
rule-by-force. Thank you.


Marguerite "Ezili Danto" Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair
The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
August 15, 2005

La rouze fè banda toutan soley pa leve!

“Dje blan-yo mande krim. Bon Dje ki nan nou-an vle byen fè.” (Boukmann at Bwa Kayiman, August 14, 1791)

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