The crucifixion of Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme by U.N. Troops: a historical perspective, April 21, 2005

by Marguerite Laurent

"...the Haitian people, without arms, allies or financial resources where so inspired by their Vodun gods and goddesses and the powers of their ancestors that, led by the warrior goddess, Ezili Danto, and after 300-years of slavery, they decided to "live free or die" - liberte ou lamo! and set themselves free in Haiti, defeating all the mighty European powers of that time - France, Spain and England in combat."

In a staged attack, on the night of Oct. 30 -31, 1919, a U.S. soldier named Hanneken, assassinated Charlemagne Peralte, a hero known to all Haitians living today. But that was not the case in 1919. Back then Peralte was a "chimeres," a "bandit" to almost everyone in Haiti except the poor peasantry who where being slaughtered by the U.S. Marines and their then newly formed Haitian "gendarmerie".
Back then, mostly the Haitian peasants protested the occupation and defended Haitian sovereignty. Not the leaders in the Haitian “intellectual” class - neither right wing nor progressive (except perhaps a tiny few such as Rosalvo Bobo). But in the main, the peasantry, not the bourgeoisie, not the University students, not the Haitian army, carried out the 19-year struggle against occupation in Haiti from 1915 to 1934. Only the poor and a handful from the middle class, but these came on board much later into the occupation. In fact, the University students in Haiti didn't even start demonstrating against the occupation until perhaps 14-years later when the stipends, visas and other benefits they had been given by the U.S. were cut off. That is plain Haitian history. Things haven't changed much today.

Promulgating Haitian division with visas, U.S. aid, passports, arms, policing jobs and other rewards, such as the current $26 million to the demobilized ex-soldiers and their re-integration into Haiti’s new “law and order” apparatus benefits the foreign powers and is a consistent neo-colonial tool for oppression.

Most of those one might call “progressives” who lived during the first U.S. occupation of Haiti, even the communists or socialists of those old days, just like for instance those “progressives” of today, seemed to have been “pacified” or, to have swallowed the logic of the occupation - that Haiti would be modernized, bandits disarmed, Coup D'etat instigators outlawed and electricity and good roads laid in every hamlet. It's been a two-century-old method of divide and conquer and the Haitian bourgeoisie still are programmed to believe in the Western Santa Claus, still are pre-disposed to justify justice only for the rich, murderous alliances with human rights abusers and paid mercenaries. The poor in Haiti still pay with their lives and liberty for these follies (or is it "Foleys") of Haiti's so-called educated classes.Every time the U.S. enters Haiti militarily, whether in 1915, 1994, or 2004, the public pretext for intervention has generally been to bring stability, democracy and development. Most of the bourgeoisie and schooled Haitians, I say “schooled” Haitians because it’s an insult to people with wisdom to label the bulk of the Haitian bourgeoisie or schooled Haitians as “intellectuals.”; the point is, most of the bourgeoisie and schooled Haitians always swallow and adapt to foreign intervention because, they argue, the U.S./UN., or Western powers will bring development – electricity, schools, roads, communications, - for instance as in 2004, $1 billion dollars – money to Haiti that would benefit the nation as a whole.

It didn't happen between in 1915 through 1934; it didn't happen in 1994, and, U.N./U.S. presence in Haiti in 2004 have certainly not brought Haiti electricity, a living wage, more schools, jobs, or, an improvement with the multinational corporate monopolies unfairly affecting indigenous Haitian businesses. The first thing the U.S. soldiers did when they got to Haiti on February 29, 2004 was to take over a medical school and turn it into army barracks and prison and allow the demobilized soldiers to enter Port-au-Prince, release all the prisoners at the National Penitentiary and start the wholesale slaughter of all supporters of the ousted Constitutional government.

Peralte is entrapped: Jean-Baptiste Conze, a Haitian collaborator with foreign troops in Haiti in 1919, arranged to meet Charlemagne Peralte, a Caco leader resisting the occupation, in a camp outside of Grande Riviere Du Nord.

Conze had promised Peralte he would come to the camp to discuss joining forces. Conze was known to have killed a few U.S. soldiers. Unbeknownst to Peralte, those attacks had been staged in order to give Conze legitimacy with the Caco. After getting the password to Peralte's camp through this subterfuge. Conze infiltrated Peralte's camp with White soldiers - Herman Hanneken and William Button - who had painted their faces black. Conze then pointed Charlemagne Peralte out for the soldiers to kill.

Perhaps this is what will happen to Dread Wilme, accused of defending pro-Lavalas people in Cite Soleil - the allege reason for the current U.N. offensive and cordoning off Cite Soleil residents. Like Charlemagne Peralte, Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme, may be executed by foreign troops and dragged, as a trophy, through the streets of Haiti to cow the peaceful demonstrators who are demanding return of the Constitutional government; to demoralize, to "shock and awe" the Haitian poor with the overwhelming unjust and illegal power of foreign troops in Haiti.

In fact, a collaborator with the Coup D'etat, Jean Joel Corneille, the magistrate of Cite Soleil, has already publicly offered to the U.N. soldiers intricate details on the whereabouts of Dread Wilme inside one of the neighborhoods of Cite Soleil so that a modern day Hanneken/Button might add a new scalp to the wholesale-killing-belt of Lavalas supporters in Haiti today or perhaps they might even "Fallujah" this area.
What the Powers who oppress poor Haitians do not realize is that our struggle is our life. It's in our walk, our common greeting phrases, our songs:

Grenadye alaso
sa ki mouri zafè a yo.
Nan pwen manman nan pwen papa.
Sa ki mouri zafè a yo!!!!

Poor Haitians have already mourned the death of Dread Wilme. We mourn all our deaths. Every waking moment of this coup d'etat has been like dying a thousand times. We will pray that Dread Wilme lives, that he does not die for Haiti. But if he should fall tonight or tomorrow night under the guns of the U.N., Haitian police or CIVPOL, he has already saved at least one Haitian life this year - he has covered himself with glory.

Like all the others falling in Cite Soleil, Bel Air and throughout Haiti, like Charlemagne Peralte, Marie-Jeanne, Claire Heureuse, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti's true freedom fighters shall be remembered and sung about long after this latest Coup D'etat's killers have passed, as mere footnotes, into history.

Marguerite Laurent
April 21, 2005



Lakou New York Interviews Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme, April 4, 2005

"Lakou New York" April 4th, 2005 interview with Dread Wilme

L-NY: We have on the line with us Dread Wilme, a Lavalas militant and activist in Site Solèy where today there is a massive repression against the population being carried out by United Nations MINUSTHA forces along with the Haitian National Police. Dread Wilme, can you tell the New York area Haitian community through "Lakou New York" at Radio Lakay how is the situation today in Site Solèy?

D. Wilme: Well, the situation is very serious not just in Site Solèy but all over Haiti, in Site Solèy, in Bèlè, in Lasalin, as well as Solino, Granravin and elsewhere in all the 9 departments of the country. The way things are in the country today, journalists are being killed, school children are being killed, business people are being killed. Many people who would have been useful to the country are being killed. As Lavalas militants throughout all the parts of the country, all 9 departments and even in the 10th department we are standing up to defend our rights, to demand that President Aristide return to the country and for us to live in peace because without President Aristide there can be no peace. The government that is here right now is doing only one thing: killing people all over the country. The Haitian National Police has forgotten that it was the people who called for the army to be done with so we could have this Police. The people and the Police are brothers and sisters. The Police should not listen to the bourgeoisie and take Andy Apaid and Charles Henri Baker's money to kill people in Site Solèy. Many people have already been killed, children, school kids and even people praying inside churches have been shot. This is the climate we are living under today in Site Solèy.

L-NY: Compatriot, we have learned that since Thursday, after the news came out that Labanyè was killed many many people are in tears because they no longer have Labanyè to keep the people of Site Solèy in check for them. Many people are saying that this is the real reason why MINUSTHA is killing the people of Site Solèy, to avenge Labanyè's death. What is your view on this?

D. Wilme: The way we see it, it is these big shots who used to pay Labanyè to shoot demonstrators in Site Solèy where whenever we held demonstrations Labanyè himself came out to shoot at the demonstrators. He was doing the work of Andy Apaid and Charles Henri Baker. You see, these big shots if they really had a vision, a plan to help Site Solèy this is not the way they would behave. Today, Site Solèy is living in filth. Today the people of Site Solèy are living in dirt. The people cannot eat. They are hungry. Children cannot go to school. These people who were saying that they had the support of Labanyè, they should know that Labanyè did not represent the masses of the people. Labanyè was nothing inside of Site Solèy. All alone, Labanyè could not have taken all of Site Solèy hostage because by himself he was weak. We have to be honest and admit that by himself Labanyè could not have held the masses of Site Solèy hostage. They have to admit that Labanyè did not represent Site Solèy. Labanyè was just in one of the neighborhoods of Site Solèy which is the largest ghetto in Haiti. They have to face this fact. Today we are facing severe repression by the National Police and the MINUSTHA where they are saying that this is because of Labanyè but our demonstrations have only just begun. We are demanding the physical return of President Aristide immediately. Today, Site Solèy is whole. There is no longer 33 neighborhoods on one side and 1 on another. All 34 neighborhoods are united and we are demonstrating peacefully to demand the physical return of President Aristide to Haiti. If the bourgeoisie wanted to do something for the people of Site Solèy, this is not the way they woud go about doing it because they have never done anything to benefit the people of Site Solèy. They want the people to be their slaves. They want the people to go and vote but to continue living in the same conditions we are living in today. We have been living for 1 year now under this defacto government which is destroying the country. 95% of the people from the masses who were working government jobs have been fired. Children cannot go to school. Students cannot advance in their studies. We are wondering just how far this crisis will be allowed to go. All of this is why we are in the streets, demonstrating and demanding the physical return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti immediately. This is the only issue the people are interested in today. Aristide is the one who can save Haiti from all its woes.

L-NY: Dread Wilme, tell us what's been happening this past weekend in Site Solèy. We understand that there were major attacks which have taken place and we heard that you were on the phone with a radio station in Port-au-Prince where you said that the MINUSTHA was shooting tear gas at the people. Tell us what's happening inside Site Solèy today.

D. Wilme: MINUSTHA has been shooting tear gas on the people. There are children who have died from the gas and some people inside churches have been shot. The Red Cross was with us. The Red Cross was just here and might have just gone on to pick up more children and adults who have gotten shot. The Red Cross is the only one helping us. The MINUSTHA soldiers remain hidden in their tanks and just aim their guns and shoot the people. They shoot people selling in the streets. They shoot people just walking in the streets. They shoot people sitting and selling in the marketplace. MINUSTHA must understand that the people in the streets are the masses of the people. They say that these people are "chimè" but they are not "chimè". They are the masses of the people fighting for their rights and demanding the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti. Inside Site Solèy today we are facing a very serious climate of terror where many people have been killed and many children have been shot. We are asking for support because President Aristide must come back for peace to reign in Haiti.

L-NY: We know that there is a huge protest planned for April 7th. This will be the first large protest since Labanyè has been gone, will there be a large turnout from Site Solèy to join with Bèlè and Kafou? What we are hearing is that this demonstration will be more like a tsunami rather than a lavalas.

D. Wilme: Well there is no doubt about that because when the Lavalas is flowing there is nothing that can hold us back. They know what Lavalas is all about. Lavalas remains very powerful. All 34 neighborhoods of Site Solèy will be mobilizing. It will be a huge demonstration because everyone is planning to march on the city. Site Solèy will move to join with Bèlè, Granravin, Solino, Lasalin, etc., all the popular neighborhoods so that all together the people will take the streets on the 7th of April to demand with one voice the immediate return of President Aristide to Haiti.

L-NY: Dread Wilme, many people are not clear about the exact relationship which exists between you, the militants of Lavalas in Site Solèy, Lavalas in general and Grenn Sonnen. Can you tell us the nature of this relationship? Are both of you fighting for the same thing?

D. Wilme: This is a very important question. The relationship between us and Grenn Sonnen is a question we will answer today. For our part, we are engaged in a people's struggle where we are fighting for the return of President Aristide in Haiti. Grenn Sonnen used to work for the Lavalas Government. Right now he claims to be fighting as a former FADH soldier to defend the rights of the former soldiers. That is the difference between us. We do not have any form of contact with Grenn Sonnen. The former soldiers who are involved with him in his fight believed that the defacto government would be doing good things for the country. Later, they realized that this is a criminal government which is killing people left and right. This government lied to them and is killing their brother soldiers. Those former soldiers have now taken up arms against this government and they are asking for it to be removed from power. As Lavalas militants, we are also demanding the departure of the defacto government. We demand the physical return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. We do not know whether they are also for the President's return but us, the Haitian people, the people of Site Solèy, Bèlè, Granravin etc., all of the 10th department and all 9 departments of the country we are fighting for the physical return of President Aristide to Haiti. I cannot tell you anything about their ideology whether they are for the return or not but for us our purpose is clear.

L-NY: Do you have any last words for the Haitian community listening to you over the internet and all over the world over the internet?

D. Wilme: My last words to the Haitian community of New York and all over the 10th department is that they must remain mobilized. We are asking all Haitians, those who become U.S. citizens, those who were born overseas, those who have been over there 13, 14, 15 years, we are asking all of them to remain mobilized, to demonstrate peacefully wherever they are in the 10th department to demand the immediate physical return of President Aristide. They must speak to President Bush and as people of the United States demand the return of President Aristide to Haiti. We are sending our respects to all of you in the 10th department who are standing firm in the struggle for the immediate return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti.

L-NY: Thank you very much compatriot.

D. Wilme: Thank you very much compatriot.


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Kreyol original of Lakou New York Interview with Dread Wilme
Entèvyou "Lakou New York" ak Dread Wilme 4 Avril 2005

L-NY: Nou genyen nan liy nan ak nou Dread Wilme, militant, aktivis ki nan Site Solèy k ap fè fas la jodi a ak yon kokenn represyon bò kote MINUSTHA ak Lapolis. Dread Wilme, èske ou ka pale ak kominote Ayisyen nan New York atravè emisyon "Lakou New York" ki nan Radio Lakay, di nou kouman sitiyasyon an ye jodi a?

D. Wilme: Bon, sitiyasyon an pou jan l reprezante kounye a anndan peyi d Ayiti, se pa sèlman nan Site Solèy, li reprezante yon gwo klima pou peyi d Ayiti. Site Solèy, Bèlè, Lasalin kankou Solino, Granravin, elatriye ak tout 9 depatman an. Jan peyi a ye jounen jodi a, jounalis ap tonbe. Elèv lekòl ap tonbe. Moun ki gen biznis ap tonbe. Lè nou gade nou wè anpil moun serye ki ka itil peyi a jodi a, se moun sa yo k ap tonbe. Nou menm militan Lavalas anndan peyi d Ayiti, nan 4 kwen peyi a, tout 9 depatman jiska dizyèm depatman, nou wè jan peyi a tonbe la se peyi pa nou l ye antan Ayisyen, nou revandike dwa nou kote n ap di pou Prezidan Aristide retounen e pou kapab gen lapè paske san Prezidan Aristide pa ka gen lapè paske kounye a la gouvènman sa k la se moun l ap detwi anndan peyi a. Polis Nasyonal la bliye si se Pèp la ki te rele kraze lame a bay polis la. Noumenm ansanm ak Polis la se frè ak sè. Fòk Polis la pa koute laboujwazi pou l ap pran kòb nan men Andy Apaid ak Charles Henri Baker pou vin detwi Pèp Site Solèy. Se nan kontèks sa nou gen latriye moun ki gen tan mouri deja, timoun ki gen tan mouri, elèv lekòl epi gen menm moun ki anndan legliz ki pran bal nan Site Solèy. Jounen jodi se konsa n ap sibi yon gwo klima anndan Site Solèy.

L-NY: Konpatriyòt, nou aprann depi Jedi, apre nouvèl la te soti ke Labanyè te tonbe genyen anpil anpil moun k ap plenyen nan peyi a kòmkwa yo pa ta genyen Labanyè pou asire Site a anfavè yo jodi a. Anpil moun di se pou sa MNUSTHA ap fè represyon an, kidonk se yon revanj k ap tire. Kijan noumenm nou wè koze a?

D. Wilme: Jan nou wè koze a, si genyen gwo bwa sa yo ki te konn ap bay Labanyè kòb pou te tire sou manifestasyon k ap fèt jounen jodi a tout sa k ap pase atravè Site Solèy kote lè nou met manifestasyon deyò se Labanyè ki parèt an pèsòn k al tire sou manifestasyon yo. Li mache avèk Andy Apaid ak Charles Henri Baker. Enben gran nèg sa yo si yo te gen yon vizyon pou Site Solèy se pa konsa yo ta fè bagay la. Site Solèy ap viv sou fatra jounen jodi a. Pèp Site Solèy ap viv sou pousyè jounen jodi. Pèp la pa ka manje. Pèp la grangou. Timoun pa ka al lekòl. Jounen jodi anndan Site Solèy, nèg sa yo ki di yo te gen apui Labanyè, enben Labanyè pa yon mas Pèp. Labanyè pa t anyen anndan Site Solèy. Labanyè pa t ka rete pou l t ap fè tout pil pou l te ka mete Pèp la an otaj paske Labanyè pou kont li mezanmi li fèb. An nou pran konsyans pou wè si sèl ti Labanyè te ka mete yon mas Pèp konsa an otaj. Jounen jodi Pèp la revandike dwa l. Se pou sa yo di ke MINUSTHA ansanm ak Polis Nasyonal la ap tire revanj pou Labanyè. Fò yo rekonèt byen Labanyè pa t reprezante Site Solèy. Labanyè se te nan yonn nan katye nan Site Solèy yo l te ye paske Site Solèy se pi gwo bidonvil ki gen nan peyi d Ayiti. Fòk yo rekonèt sa byen. Jounen jodi nou wè n ap sibi gwo represyon anba men Polis Nasyonal la avèk MINUSTHA kote yo di se pou Labanyè, enben noumenm nou fenk kare manifeste. N ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide prese prese. Site Solèy la fè yon sèl. Pa genyen 33 katye ankò paske nou tou l 34 katye yo nou tout fè yon sèl kote n ap manifeste pasifikman n ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide an Ayiti. Si laboujwazi te vle fè yon bagay pou Pèp la se pa konsa yo ta fè l paske yo pa p janm regle anyen pou Pèp Site Solèy. Yo ta renmen bourike Pèp la, fè Pèp la al vote epi Pèp la ap toujou viv nan menm konjonkti jounen jodi. Nou panse genyen 1 an nou la ak yon gouvènman defakto k ap debalize yon peyi. Kounye a 95% Pèp la revoke nan bwat leta. Timoun pa ka al lekòl. Sa k te rive nan twazyèm pa ka kontinye. Sa k te rive nan segonn nan reto pa ka kontinye. N ap mande ki bò kriz sa prale. Se sa ki fè Pèp la leve kanpe ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide prese prese an Ayiti. Se sèl sa ki enterese Pèp le se Aristide pou sove Ayiti nan tout mizè l ye jounen jodi a.

L-NY: Dread Wilme, di nou sa k ap pase nan wikenn nan la, paske yo fè konnen te genyen gwo atak ki fèt, yo di ou te fè yon kout fil nan yon radyo nan Pòtoprens la kote ou di MINUSTHA t ap bay gaz. Di nou sa k ap pase anndan Site Solèy jounen jodi a.

D. Wilme: Jodi a anndan Site Solèy MINUSTHA t ap bay gaz. Nou gen timoun ki mouri nan gaz epi nou gen divès moun ki te anndan legliz ki pran katouch. Nou te fenk gen Lakwa Wouj ki te ansanm ak nou la. Yo te fenk la a yo gen lè fè yon vire ap ranmase timoun ki pran bal ansanm ak granmoun ki pran bal. Se Lakwa Wouj k ap pote nou sekou. MINUSTHA limenm kote l kache nan chadegè a li pa bezwen konnen anyen paske se bourik zam li ki nan lari. Li jwenn moun k ap vann li fizye l. Li jwenn moun k ap pwonmennen li fizye l. Li jwenn ti machann ki chita nan mache li fizye l. Jounen jodi a fòk MINUSTHA rekonèt tout moun li wè nan lari se mas Pèp la. Jan yo di gen chimè a pa gen chimè vre. Se Pèp la k ap revandike dwa li k ap mande retou Prezidan Aristide an Ayiti. Anndan Site Solèy kounye a la nou gen yon gwo klima perèz kote nou gen anpil mou ki mouri ak timoun ki pran bal. N ap mande pou yo kapab pote nou sekou paske fòk Prezidan Aristide tounen pou kapab gen lapè an Ayiti.

L-NY: Nou konnen gen yon kokenn manifestasyon ki anonse pou 7 Avril. Fwa sa a, se premye fwa Labanyè pa la, èske Site a ap soti an mas pou rejwenn ak Bèlè, ak Kafou pou se yon kokenn leve kanpe paske nou tande fwa sa a se pa lavalas men se yon sounami k pral desann la a?

D. Wilme: Ebyen ou konnen se kanmenm paske lavalas la lè l desann an mas pa gen sa ki ka sipòte l paske yo konn ki ès ki lavalas la. Lavalas la toujou rete puisan. 34 katye Site Solèy yo pral mobilize la a. Se yon gwo kokenn chenn manifestasyon k pral genyen 7 Avril la paske tout moun la pou pran vil la. Site Solèy pral pran vil la pou l rankontre ak Bèlè, Granravin, Solino, Lasalin elatriye, tout zòn popilè yo kote 7 la tout Pèp la deside l pou l pran lari pou n mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide an Ayiti prese prese.

L-NY: Dread Wilme, genyen anpil moun ki pa klè sou relasyon ekzakt ki ta genyen jounen jodi a ant oumenm nan Site Solèy la, Lavalas, ak Grenn Sonnen. Eske ou kapab di nou ki sa relasyon sa a ye jodi a? Eske n ap batay pou menm bagay?

D. Wilme: Kesyon sa a se yon kesyon ki trè enpòtan. Se yon kesyon m ap reponn jounen jodi. Kesyon Grenn Sonnen an avèk noumenm anndan Site Solèy. Noumenm n ap fè yon lit Pèp kote n ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Grenn Sonnen t ap travay nan Gouvènman Lavalas. Aktyèlman li reklame tèt li etan ke militè. L ap revandike dwa militè yo. Ka sa a diferansye. Noumenm nou pa gen kontak ak Grenn Sonnen. Militè ki ansanm avèk li yo se militè ki te panse gouvènman defakto sa a t ap fè yon bon bagay nan peyi a. Lè yo vin wè gouvènman defakto sa a se moun l ap touye agoch adwat. Gouvènman sa a ba yo manti. Gouvènman sa a ap detwi pwòp san frè yo. Enbyen yo menm ansyen militè yo, yo leve kont rejim defakto sa a kote y ap mande depa rejim defakto sa a. Noumenm militan Lavalas, Pèp Ayisyen noumenm kote n ap mande depa rejim defakto sa a. N ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Nou pa konn pa yo a si se retou Prezidan an men noumenm pa nou an, Pèp Ayisyen, Pèp Site Solèy, Pèp Bèlè, Granravin, elatriye, tout dizyèm depatman an, tout 9 depatman an noumenm se pou retou fizik Prezidan Aristide n ap travay. Ideyoloji pa yo a m pa ka ba ou yon ide de sa si se pou retou oswa pa pou retou men noumenm se pou retou n ap travay.

L-NY: Eske ou genyen yon dènye mo pou kominote Ayisyèn nan k ap koute ou la nan New York epi k ap koute nan entènèt tout kote?

D. Wilme: Dènye mo m gen pou kominote Ayisyèn nan k ap koute m tout kote nan New York, nan dizyèm depatman an n ap di yo mobilize. Ni Ayisyen ki natiralize pou Ameriken, tout sa ki sitizenn, ni sa ki fèt laba a, ni sa ki gen 13 an, 14 an, 15 an laba a, n ap mande yo pou yo rete mobilize, pou yo fè manifestasyon pasifikman nan dizyèm nan. Pou yo pale ak Prezidan Bush, pou yo mande l nou se pitit Ameriken etan ke Amerik, n ap mande retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide an Ayiti. Noumenm an Ayiti tou nou voye yon gwo respè pou yo dizyèm nan ki kenbe mouvman an solid solid pou retou fizik Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide an Ayiti prese prese.

L-NY: Mèsi anpil konpatriyòt.

D. Wilme: Mèsi anpil konpatriyòt mwen.


"Lakou New York" se yon inisyativ Ayisyen k ap viv nan lakou New York nan peyi blan Meriken pou n mache chache, fouye, ranmase epi pote yon lòt kalite enfòmasyon pou pèp Ayisyen an. Nou pote enfòmasyon sou sa k ap pase atravè lemonn antye, koze lakou a epi koze peyi D Ayiti ak analiz ki pa sanble ak sa y ap jwenn lòt kote. Nou demele nou pou n mete mikro nan bouch moun lòt medya mal pou bay lapawòl. "Lakou New York" pa jennen di kareman n ap fè yon travay patizan. Nou kanpe bò kote mas pèp Ayisyen ak tout malere atravè lemonn antye pi gwo ap kraze men ki ap mennen yon batay pwennfèpa mò rèd pou yon lòt jou ka jou. N ap travay pou n mennen pèp Ayisyen nan kalfou kote l ap rive ranmase epi pote kòmsadwa eritaj zansèt nou yo mouri kite pou nou an.

Pou suiv travay "Lakou New York" fè yon ti kout pye nan www.lakounewyork.com


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